Why are government scientists manipulating data on behalf of the Church of Environmental Radicalism?

By Printus LeBlanc In the 1970’s it was called “Global Cooling.” When that didn’t happen, it was switched to “Global Warming.” After another failure, the Church of Environmentalism finally came up with a new phrase that was sure to catch all, “Climate Change.” This new phrase could […]


The RFS has bankrupted its first refinery, more to follow

By Printus LeBlanc Americans for Limited Government has been warning of the impending bankruptcies in the petroleum refining industry for some time now. Well, the first canary, Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES), has died, and the only question left is how many more will die before the Environmental […]


If we are going to spend the money anyway, let’s spend it to harden the electric grid from an EMP

By Printus LeBlanc Earlier this month, conservatives and budget hawks lost the fiscal battle to fund the military without raising domestic spending. The Senate cut a deal to increase domestic spending for the next two years by $131 billion and raise the budget caps on defense spending by $80 billion in […]


Permitting reform is key for economic growth, infrastructure planning, and national security

By Printus LeBlanc You may not know it, but a hearing on Capitol Hill today, in the House Natural Resources Committee, will have an impact on every American. The Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources is holding a hearing on legislation introduced by Rep. Mark E. Amodei […]


The U.S. is poised to lead the world in oil and gas production

By Natalia Castro President Donald Trump is giving the United States the energy it needs to make its mark on the world stage, literally. With the rollback of burdensome regulations, U.S. oil production has boomed, making the U.S. a competitive leader in the energy market for the […]


Obama mega-donor tries to manipulate Trump using solar trade case

By Rick Manning Trying to untangle the web of financial interests behind the two foreign solar panel manufacturers that have filed a trade case against hundreds of American-owned solar companies is tricky: one company is controlled by a foreign hedge fund, while the other company’s equity is […]


Trump Delivers Energy Policy Wins

By Richard McCarty After nearly a year in office, President Donald Trump has established an enviable record of restoring opportunity and unlocking the nation’s potential. One of his most obvious areas of success has been in the energy sector. For years, US leaders have talked about energy […]


Congress still needed to bolster Trump effort to end Obama’s war on coal

By Robert Romano “Congress has abandoned much of its responsibility to legislate and has instead given unelected regulators extraordinary power to control the lives of others.” That was President Donald Trump on Dec. 14 letting the American people know specifically why his administration has had to spend much of its first year in office taking […]


It is time to reform the Renewable Fuel Standard

By Printus LeBlanc Two political powerhouses are getting ready to do battle. Texas and Louisiana are the hub of U.S. energy production, and Iowa and Nebraska are the hub of U.S. ethanol production. The two groups are battling over a law passed over a decade ago that […]


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is reining in the out of control radical environmentalists

By Natalia Castro The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been Republicans least favorite agency for quite some time. The Obama administration allowed the EPA to expand their influence far past nearly any other executive agency, imposing unprecedented regulatory burdens on the American people. Under the leadership of […]

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