Trump to Germany: Don’t Give Russia More Weapons

By Sheryl Kaufman The press and former CIA Director John Brennan are expressing hysterics over a press conference where President Trump disappointed them by not showering outright insults on the Russian President. The reporters moved past what may be the most significant development of Mr. […]


Pruitt might be gone, but the work of reining in the out of control EPA must continue

By Natalia Castro From his nomination to his resignation, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt was under constant attack by the left. Whether you believe the countless accusation the left threw at the Administrator or not, one thing is clear: just because Pruitt is gone, does […]


Who is behind the scheme to keep the unsustainable RFS in place?

By Printus LeBlanc The ethanol lobby and corn farmers are teaming up to keep the government mandated gravy train flowing into their bank accounts. After a deal was reached between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), several Senators, and oil refiners regarding the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the […]


Rep. Gosar introduces amendment to hold out of control federal employee responsible. Will the rest of Congress back him up?

  By Printus LeBlanc The Holman Rule allows the House of Representatives to offer amendments to appropriations legislation that reduces the salary of a specific federal employee. The rule was created in 1876 but rescinded in 1983. The 115th Congress reinstated the rule hoping to trim the […]


Cartoon: Bill Nye Not A Science Guy

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution image.


Federal civil service abuses bigger than just the VA

By Natalia Castro When news broke of employees at the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) putting the lives of veterans at risk with waiting lists to die, the country was outraged. When it became clear that these employees were not being terminated for their failures and mismanagement, […]


National Association of Scholars calls for the end of ‘secret science’ in government regulations

C/O Liberty Alliance By Printus LeBlanc Every day, the federal government puts out new regulations, updates old ones, or eliminates them all together. This is done in the Federal Register and is published every morning. What most people don’t know is a great amount of the rules and regulations published in the […]


Pruitt revises CAFE standards to meet real life, not Obama’s fantasy land

By Printus LeBlanc On April 2, 2018, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt EPA’s Administrator, Scott Pruitt, announced the completion of the Midterm Evaluation (MTE) process for greenhouse gas emission standards. Pruitt concluded the current standards for vehicles in 2022-2025 were unrealistic and needed to be […]


Environmental radicals go all out against Scott Pruitt

By Printus LeBlanc If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you know there is a concerted effort to get Scott Pruitt fired. He has been a constant target of the left, but the recent announcement about ending “secret science” in the EPA has sent the […]


EPA Chief Scott Pruitt gets results — that’s why he’s a target of the left

By Richard Manning President Donald Trump is standing by his embattled Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator  Scott Pruittaccording to reports . Let’s be clear, that is good thing for both Trump and the country. Pruitt is one of the shining stars of the Trump administration, and no one […]

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