Cartoon: Science Squared


Cartoon: Frozen


PURPA should be modernized or repealed

By Robert Romano At the height of 1970s inflation and in response to the 1973 Arab oil embargo, Congress passed the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) of 1978. The legislation requires electric utilities to purchase energy from small renewable generators. It has also outlived its usefulness. […]


Cartoon: Climate Chains


Building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will make it cheaper to deliver natural gas in Va. and N.C.—and Congress should approve it

  By Robert Romano Virginia and North Carolina are in need of low-cost natural gas to heat homes, produce electricity and build industrial capacity, and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be the most efficient way to deliver it. That is why Congress should act in the lame […]


Cartoon: Poison Pill


Trump’s energy policies are paying off for workers and consumers

By Richard McCarty With the liberal media busy looking for excuses to attack President Trump and his administration, you might have missed some good news on the energy front. American energy jobs are being created, gas prices are dropping, energy imports are dropping and energy exports are […]


Trump should expand transparent science requirement to all government agencies

By Robert Romano In 1963, Karl Popper proposed that the central criterion of the scientific method should be its testability, or the ability to falsify a theory. Absent that, he wrote that such a theory could not be considered scientific. Popper wrote, “A theory which is not refutable by any […]


Legislation would require Fish and Wildlife Service to publish the science that backs up endangered species designations

By ALG Staff The once well intentioned Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been hijacked by environmental radicals and the far left to impose an agenda rather than save animals, the Executive Director of the House Western Caucus, Jeff Smalls, is warning and a bill by […]


Fix the Land and Water Conservation Fund or don’t renew it to just do more federal land grabs

By Robert Romano The Land and Water Conservation Fund was enacted in 1965, according to the act, to “provid[e] funds for and authorizing Federal assistance to the States in planning, acquisition, and development of needed land and water areas and facilities and … providing funds for the […]

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