State Dept. on Hidden Cam: “Resist Everything,” “I Have Nothing to Lose”


O’Keefe video proves civil service system broken, time to pass the MERIT Act


The Renewable Fuel Standard is the Obamacare of the energy industry

By Printus LeBlanc After Scott Pruitt resigned as EPA Administrator, the cheers from K street could be heard around the country. The lobbyist camp led the fight against Pruitt because since coming into the position, Pruitt set his sights on one of the biggest sacred […]


ALG Director of Public Outreach Natalia Castro cohosts Conservative Commandos Radio Show


Rubbing SALT in the wound

By Printus LeBlanc The tax cuts passed by President Trump and the Republican controlled Congress have been a resounding success. The economy is growing, companies are hiring, and employees are getting raises and bonuses. Who could possibly be against that? Leftist progressive states that demand […]


VA MISSION Act will help veterans get health care privately, but Congress needs to find $50 billion of spending cuts to help pay for it

By Natalia Castro Congress and President Donald Trump have worked together for the last two years to promote efficiency at the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA); unfortunately, recent reports reveal optimal care for our veterans cannot be achieved in the public sector alone. With the passage of […]


Congress helped create the domestic rare earth minerals shortage—and now it can fix it

By Printus LeBlanc Last week an unknown Chinese phone company, ZTE, was thrust into the spotlight because of ongoing trade negations and sanctions talk. Members of the Senate and House were up in arms because President Trump was in discussions to lift or modify the […]


Dehumanizing Trump and his supporters is dangerous — and is becoming normalized

By Robert Romano One of the most evil aspects of Nazi ideology was the dehumanization of its opponents: the Jews, communists, Poles, Gypsies, gays and so forth. It was a necessary precondition, psychologically, for what ultimately became mass murder. But it takes other forms, too, that are […]


ALG awards U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes with 2017 Congressman of the Year award


U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan grills FBI Director Christopher Wray on Peter Strzok, Steele dossier

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