Legislation would require Fish and Wildlife Service to publish the science that backs up endangered species designations

By ALG Staff The once well intentioned Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been hijacked by environmental radicals and the far left to impose an agenda rather than save animals, the Executive Director of the House Western Caucus, Jeff Smalls, is warning and a bill by […]


Better to deal with underfunded multiemployer pensions now rather than later

By ALG Staff Multi-employer pension plans, negotiated by large scale unions, have promised employees retirement benefits that are significantly underfunded by more than $36 billion , leaving a hole in funds that are meant to go to hardworking American when they retire. Last week on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show, Americans […]


Is sexual violence in Minnesota okay when it’s a Democrat?

By Natalia Castro Minnesota Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith are running to maintain their seats this November. While both are leading in the polls, their race has not been without controversy. In Americans for Limited Government’s latest issue advocacy ad, they highlight the hypocrisy […]


Video: Jobs not, mobs


Blackwater founder Erik Prince interviewed by ALG President Rick Manning on Afghanistan


Video: Due Process


State Dept. on Hidden Cam: “Resist Everything,” “I Have Nothing to Lose”


O’Keefe video proves civil service system broken, time to pass the MERIT Act


The Renewable Fuel Standard is the Obamacare of the energy industry

By Printus LeBlanc After Scott Pruitt resigned as EPA Administrator, the cheers from K street could be heard around the country. The lobbyist camp led the fight against Pruitt because since coming into the position, Pruitt set his sights on one of the biggest sacred […]


ALG Director of Public Outreach Natalia Castro cohosts Conservative Commandos Radio Show

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