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Natalia Castro

Federal civil service abuses bigger than just the VA

By Natalia Castro When news broke of employees at the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) putting the lives of veterans at risk with waiting lists to die, the country was outraged. When it became clear that these employees were not being terminated for their failures and mismanagement, […]


Before we know what happened, the left wastes no time in politicizing tragedy

By Natalia Castro Once again, our country has been struck by tragedy, and the left is using the tragedy as an opportunity to promote an anti-gun agenda. Now more than ever it is important that the American people look to facts and not rhetoric to prevent our […]


Are federal and state-funded child care centers funding terrorist groups overseas?

By Natalia Castro Welfare fraud is an expensive problem for American taxpayers, but as a new report reveals, the cost might not be just an economic one. Day care fraud in Minnesota has shed light onto illegal methods of funding terrorist organizations in the Middle East and […]


Pruitt’s latest move is making the EPA more efficient in the permitting process with civil service reforms

By Natalia Castro The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been plagued with inefficiency for years. The Partnership for Public Service has ranked the EPA 22 out of 23 ineffective leadership for a mid-sized agency for the last two years in a row. The Resource for the Future, an environmental, energy, and natural resource research institution , found that the average EPA permit process […]


Job Security: Federal civil service employees have a 99.5 percent chance of never being fired

By Natalia Castro The average American looking for complete job security need not look further than the non-defense federal government’s public workforce, where there is a 99.5 percent chance they will never be fired for cause according to data retrieved from the Office of Personnel Management’s FedScope . It is nearly impossible for a federal workforce employee to […]


Tax cuts give the economy a boost as states, cities see immediate benefits

By Natalia Castro With the help of the recently passed tax cuts and reform, many states and cities are getting a boost as they feel incentives to lower taxes and further spur job and wage growth. While it is still early, the Republican tax plan is already […]


The Senate still has more work to do on confirmations

By Natalia Castro Mitch McConnell has pledged to cement President Donald Trump’s conservative legacy by using the Republican majority, while he still has it, to confirm as many of Trump’s judicial nominees as possible. As pressure surrounding midterms mounts, McConnell should be praised for expediting the confirmation […]


Students for the Second Amendment are taking the narrative back on guns in the United States

By Natalia Castro Students around the nation are taking the narrative back on guns in the United States. This week, thousands of students across the country, myself included, stood in favor of the Second Amendment on their college and high school campuses. As part of a student-led […]


Universal Basic Income fails in Finland, but will the left learn its lesson?

By Natalia Castro Finland tried, and Finland failed. To combat high unemployment and wage stagnation, Finland’s government decided to try a universal basic income (UBI) experiment with a portion of their population. Establishing a UBI has been viewed as a favorable by liberals and Silicon Valley elites […]


Trump approach to North Korea seems to bear fruit as the hermit kingdom comes to the negotiating table

By Natalia Castro For nearly 70 years, conflict surrounding North Korea, South Korea, and the United States has put countless lives at risk and left U.S.-North Korean relations in a cold limbo. Over the last decade, North Korea has become an increasingly volatile threat as it has […]


The data on guns destroys the left’s narrative

By Natalia Castro Gun reform is often framed as one of the most divisive issues in the United States; but this characterization of the issue, created with fear-inducing rhetoric on the left, is nothing more than an attempt to increase outreach. Facts don’t often align with feelings; […]


Washington Post hypocrisy shines through again with Amazon

By Natalia Castro “Democracy dies in darkness.” This is the motto the Washington Post proudly proclaims as the guiding principle of their publication; unfortunately, if this is true, the Washington Post is an accomplice in the death of democracy. While pretending the defend journalistic integrity, the Post’s […]


Charter schools continue to show the need for school choice

By Natalia Castro Charter schools are transforming American education. For the country’s most at risk students, charter schools are playing a critical role in building educational opportunities for students. As the Department of Education expands charter school use, studies proving their effectiveness have begun pouring into academia, […]


Banks that took taxpayer bailouts seek to revive Eric Holder’s anti-Second Amendment Operation Choke Point

By Natalia Castro America’s largest banks should uphold American values: entrepreneurship, innovation, and, perhaps more than anything, the principles of the Constitution. Yet several of the country’s largest banks have decided to go against these principles by opposing the people’s Second Amendment right to bear arms. Citigroup […]


The left is making mountains out of molehills to distract Republicans and the Trump administration

By Natalia Castro Democrats have never been fans of fiscal conservatism unless it furthers an attack on Republicans. From media outlets to political figures, the left has attempted to convince the American people that various executives within the Trump administration are wasting taxpayer money on lavish unnecessary […]

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