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Natalia Castro

EU crosses U.S. and President Trump for deal with Iran, threatening global security

By Natalia Castro During President Trump’s address to the United Nations (UN) on Tuesday, he referred to Iran as a “corrupt, dictatorship” with leaders who fuel “chaos, death, and destruction”. For decades, this has been abundantly clear. Yet, our previous president chose to soften our relationship with […]


Project Veritas videos expose unaccountable federal government employees

By Natalia Castro When federal bureaucrats are unaccountable to even their own managers, it can be hard to identify and correct abuse within the system. In his most recent undercover expose, James O’Keefe sought to uncover the stories of the federal government’s worst employees directly from the […]


STOP Act could put Congress in driver’s seat in combating the opioid crisis

By Natalia Castro The opioid epidemic has spent years tearing apart American families; no age group, race, social class or region has been safe from the grips of prescription drugs, fentanyl, and heroin. It is therefore no surprise that this issue has taken center stage in the […]


Senator Feinstein weaponizing the #MeToo movement does not empower women, it hurts victims

By Natalia Castro As originally published at We may never know if Christine Blasey Ford was a victim of an attempted rape at the hands of Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. However, one thing can be certain, thanks to Diane Feinstein, we are much further from finding out the […]


False promise of universal basic income won’t fix Chicago—or anywhere else

By Natalia Castro Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants one more chance to reduce poverty in his city before he completes his final term. Emanuel is expected to take a bold step toward universal basic income by assembling a task force to consider providing Chicago families with a […]


Firing rate abysmal for federal employees as swamp digs in its heels

By Natalia Castro The federal government is plagued by an inability to remove poor performing employees. Compared to the private sector, government employees maintain near complete job security despite poor performance. Currently, over two million individuals work for the federal government, in order to ensure these workers […]


Failure to fund Trump’s border wall could haunt Republicans in the midterms

By Natalia Castro It is time for the federal government to pass a spending bill funding the government for the next year. In recent years, Congress usually passes a continuing resolution to temporarily fund the government and avoid controversial questions of spending until the year-end omnibus. This […]


Florida governor race could be ground zero in the fight against socialized medicine

By Natalia Castro The Florida governor’s race has becomes a battle of competing ideologies. On the left, Andrew Gillum has been endorsed by Democratic socialist leader Bernie Sanders and mirrors his progressive agenda. On the right, underdog Ron DeSantis won the Republican primary with little establishment backing but […]


Democrats are ready to obstruct and Judge Kavanaugh is ready to be on the Supreme Court

By Natalia Castro President Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Judge Kavanaugh has begun his confirmation hearing and two things are already clear: Democrats are ready to obstruct and Judge Kavanaugh is ready to be on the Supreme Court. If you can make it past the […]


DOJ joins fight against discrimination by elite universities

  By Natalia Castro Discrimination is wrong in any form. Yet liberal universities are attempting to combat discrimination, not by creating equality, but instead by discriminating against different groups. This is the basic idea behind affirmative action- one group has been discriminated against historically, so another group […]


NYU attempts to solve doctor problem Obamacare helped create

C/O Legal Insurrection By Natalia Castro More big government policies should not be the answer to problems created by big government. Yet that is exactly what New York University is trying to do. The New York University (NYU) School of Medicine announced last week that it would offer a full tuition scholarship to […]


Democrats continue to stall on Kavanaugh, but Grassley pushes forward

By Natalia Castro The Republican-controlled Senate has a strong opportunity to remind voters why they gave the GOP a majority in the 2016 election. The Senate’s top priority in the next few weeks will be confirming President Donald Trump’s second nomination for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh. […]


VA Reform Act did great things, now let’s spread the wealth to all agencies

By Natalia Castro Labor Day presents a pivotal opportunity for Members of Congress. As members of the House return from recess and just eight weeks before midterms, representatives can show their support for American workers by passing bipartisan civil service reform. In the first year of this […]


Legal loophole protects violent refugee who shot a cop

By Natalia Castro On June 13, 2016, Karrar Noaman Al Khammasi should have been deported. After violating the terms of his probation, this was the day an immigration judge determined Al Khammasi should no longer be in allowed to maintain his refugee status and live in his […]


New York’s Cuomo targets NRA with political lawsuit to block sale of insurance to those who use guns in self-defense

By Natalia Castro Operation Choke Point left a sour taste in conservatives’ mouth. Members of the constitutionally protected Second Amendment industry and their affiliates became targets of government aggression and overregulation for no reason besides helping Americans exercise their civil rights. While the federal implementation of this […]

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