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Natalia Castro

Some people need to see socialism to believe it is bad

By Natalia Castro Seeing is believing. People around the country were baffled when exit polls showed Robert or Beto O’Rourke won more votes from native Texans than incumbent Senator Ted Cruz in the midterm elections. But this should not be a surprise, it should be a lesson […]


Midterms prove the left’s #MeToo was more about partisanship than protecting women

By Natalia Castro One of the real losers in this week’s midterms was not the right or the left — it was the #MeToo movement. This week’s midterms proved two things — that the Democrats only care about women when it is Republicans on the chopping block […]


No wall, no House, no surprise

By Natalia Castro Republicans would have loved to win the House last night, but unfortunately, they did not deserve it, as they lost at least 26 seats and more like 30 or so. After failing to solve our countries immigration problem time and time again, it should […]


Trump energizes battleground states with rallies down the midterm stretch

By Natalia Castro President Trump is leaving no stone unturned in the battle for Congressional control.  The President is spending the last days leading up to the midterms visiting key battleground states in an attempt to persuade voters to come to the polls and vote Republican. As […]


‘Build the wall’ remains Republicans’ rallying call

By Natalia Castro Immigration debates dominated the 2016 election and two years later, the issue is equally as pertinent in Americans’ minds. For many individuals who voted for President Trump on the promise of building a wall to secure our southern border, there has been frustration surrounding […]


Is sexual violence in Minnesota okay when it’s a Democrat?

By Natalia Castro Minnesota Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith are running to maintain their seats this November. While both are leading in the polls, their race has not been without controversy. In Americans for Limited Government’s latest issue advocacy ad, they highlight the hypocrisy surrounding Klobuchar […]


Trump must hold firm, let the legal immigration and asylum system work—and send the migrant caravan back

By Natalia Castro With just two weeks until Election Day, over 7,000 migrants from Central American countries are marching through North America to enter the U.S. illegally. What has been deemed the “migrant caravan” has been used by the left to place pressure on President Donald Trump to recede from […]


Treasury ‘resistance’ proves need for MERIT Act to fire the swamp

By Natalia Castro Employees at the Treasury Department are not just subverting the Trump Administration, they are actively building a media narrative against the President to further their own political ends. The indictment of Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards is further evidence of the “resistance” thriving within the […]


Races in Florida, Georgia portend future of Electoral College

By Natalia Castro The past few censuses, the Electoral College has increasingly been shifting south. After the 2010 census, for example, Florida picked up 2 electoral votes to move up to 29 and Georgia picked up 1 to get to 16, and for the 2020 census, projects Florida will pick up 2 more to 31 . […]


DeVos tackles top-down federal education regs

By Natalia Castro Betsy DeVos understands that education is best handled when handled locally. Time after time, we have seen big government policies make it more difficult for teachers to teach their students, including the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act and the 2015 Every Student Succeeds […]


Maryland is the wealthiest state, our civil service explains why

By Natalia Castro Residents of Maryland were likely filled with pride when the USA Today state wealth index listed Maryland as the wealthiest state in the country. With the second lowest poverty rate and the highest median household income, one might assume Maryland has an engaged and efficient workforce. Unfortunately, this workforce […]


Cyber infrastructure gets a boost by Congress

By Natalia Castro In the last year, both chambers of Congress have been working hard to improve our nation’s cyber security and cyber infrastructure. Last week, the Senate passed landmark legislation that will modernize U.S. cyber technology to combat growing threats around the world. On Oct. 4, […]


4-4 Supreme Court split favors left on endangered species, illegal immigration cases

By Natalia Castro The Supreme Court is already looking at a full docket and with a replacement for the retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, still working his way through the Senate, we can expect some split decisions for the October term. Since only eight justices […]


Trump trade deals with Canada, Mexico, South Korea and Japan keep America first promise, isolate China

By Natalia Castro Everyone knew the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was a bad deal. President Obama knew. Hillary Clinton knew. President Trump knew. But only President Trump was willing to use our leverage to push our neighbors to the negotiating table and work out a […]


DOJ civil rights investigation expands from Harvard to include Yale, Brown and Dartmouth affirmative action policy

By Natalia Castro The Department of Justice took a stand against prejudice last month when the department filed a complaint against Harvard College for discriminated against Asian American students. Now, the DOJ has taken this a step further by expanding their complaint to include three other universities […]

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