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Natalia Castro

Charter schools continue to show the need for school choice

By Natalia Castro Charter schools are transforming American education. For the country’s most at risk students, charter schools are playing a critical role in building educational opportunities for students. As the Department of Education expands charter school use, studies proving their effectiveness have begun pouring into academia, […]


Banks that took taxpayer bailouts seek to revive Eric Holder’s anti-Second Amendment Operation Choke Point

By Natalia Castro America’s largest banks should uphold American values: entrepreneurship, innovation, and, perhaps more than anything, the principles of the Constitution. Yet several of the country’s largest banks have decided to go against these principles by opposing the people’s Second Amendment right to bear arms. Citigroup […]


The left is making mountains out of molehills to distract Republicans and the Trump administration

By Natalia Castro Democrats have never been fans of fiscal conservatism unless it furthers an attack on Republicans. From media outlets to political figures, the left has attempted to convince the American people that various executives within the Trump administration are wasting taxpayer money on lavish unnecessary […]


The Department of Labor needs Patrick Pizzella

By Natalia Castro The Department of Labor needs an upgrade. As President Donald Trump makes important changes across the executive branch, the Department of Labor has remained a step behind, but it is not necessarily the department’s fault or even Secretary Alexander Acosta. It’s the Senate’s fault. […]


The model for civil service reform could be how the VA is being reformed by making it so civil servants can be fired

By Natalia Castro Just three years ago, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) was one of the most scandal-ridden agencies in the federal government. Today, the VA is working efficiently and effectively to follow through on their mission of caring for our nation’s veterans. The difference is […]


If environmental radicals are in full panic mode over Scott Pruitt at EPA, that means he is doing a good job

By Natalia Castro The left has spent over a decade trying to expand the influence and oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but the American people voted against this influence when they elected President Trump to prioritize economic advancement. Trump followed through on this promise by […]


Ask Venezuela, socialism always fails; why do progressives want to bring its policies here?

By Natalia Castro In the 2016 Presidential election, candidates like Bernie Sanders framed socialism as a viable option, but ask any Venezuelan citizen, and they will tell you it is a deadly curse. The system of government supported by the left seems to promote equality and prosperity, […]


The omnibus prevents Sage Grouse from getting endangered species listing, but more needs to be done to reverse one of Obama’s biggest land grabs

By Natalia Castro For years, a bird has been the most expensive drain on the Midwest’s economy. The greater sage grouse is not listed as an endangered animal under the Endangered Species Act, but this has not prevented the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) from placing […]


Congress created the Grain Glitch, Congress should fix it

By Natalia Castro The time has come for Congress to fix a problem they created. With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Republicans in Congress offered generous tax cuts to millions of Americans, but they also created an unfair “grain glitch” that undermines the […]


Republicans in Congress continue to dismantle oppressive regulations

C/O American Energy Alliance By Natalia Castro Republicans in the House of Representatives have spent this week breaking down the oppressive regulatory regime the previous administration put into place. Former President Barack Obama dramatically expanded the influence of the executive branch through agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). House Republicans are […]


Section 199A of the tax reform bill needs to be fixed

By Natalia Castro Within the last month, more than 160 million Americans opened their bank accounts to find that the recently passed Republican tax plan provided them with a more substantial paycheck and more economic mobility. But one area of the tax code appears to have had unintentional consequence of picking winners […]


House passes sex trafficking bill, but faces uphill battle in the Senate

By Natalia Castro In a rare bipartisan push, the House of Representatives has voted to pass legislation making it more difficult for online users to engage in sex trafficking and empower victims to fight against web makers that facilitate inappropriate online content. However, this bill is no […]


After Supreme Court takes pass on DACA, the President should enforce immigration laws

By Natalia Castro President Donald Trump must do primary the job of the executive under Article II of the Constitution — enforce the law. With increased pressure from the courts surrounding Trump’s immigration plans, he truly only has one option, enforce the law to the best of […]


Why do progressives believe attacking American citizens is a winning strategy?

By Natalia Castro Democrats did not just lose in 2016 because the party was out of touch with the American people, the party’s leader also insulted and shamed the American people. Hillary Clinton antagonized and dismissed Trump voters, causing her own demise. Yet Democrats do not realize […]


Republicans need to use their Article I powers

By Natalia Castro To avert constant Democratic threats of a government shutdown, President Trump and Congress have been forced to pass short-term spending bills. The next deadline to pass funding is now March 23, and Congressional Republicans must use the time before them to outline key areas […]

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