Wednesday , 29 July 2015
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Obama Calls for Unified Effort against Isis, Ebola, Ukraine Crises

unified action against ISIS

UNITED NATIONS — American president Barack Obama challenged world leaders on Wednesday to come up with Unified Effort against Isis, Ebola Outbreak in Africa and Ukraine crises stressing that “there is a pervasive unease” amid a series of global crises that require urgent attention. Obama said, “There is much that must be done to meet the tests of this moment,” this ...

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No Ground Combat in Iraq Says Obama

us troops

US president Barack Obama strongly discouraged the talk of an increasing US ground combat in Iraq on Wednesday as an increasingly nervous congress prepared to vote on authorization for his plan B which is to arm Syrian rebels. Differing from the chairman of the joint chief of staff, General Martin Dempset, who warned a senate hearing on Wednesday that US troops ...

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