06.29.2010 0

$100,000 reward for full JournoList archive

Andrew Breitbart has announced at BigJournalist.com that he is offering a $100,000 reward for the full archive of emails from the JournoList. The JournoList, which was created by Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, was an email list-serv of 400 left-leaning journalists that was used as a sounding board for strategy and info sharing.

JournoList was shut down in the wake of the David Weigel scandal–which exposed emails that were shared on JournoList to the public. In the wake of the scandal, the public is wondering who was on that list and what was being said.

This is a good effort and the archive should be disclosed. The mainstream media has long been a tool used by the left to sell their bill of good, while concealing facts and truth from the public. As Breitbart rightly points out, the media used their tools to smear Tea Party folks by claiming they were racists when there existed no evidence to support the claim. Why not expose them for who they are?

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