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How 59 Senate Dems and Snowe and Collins Gave $40 Million to Teachers Unions

Just now, the U.S. Senate cleared the way for a $26.1 billion bailout to States. But if you read between the lines on this bailout you will find that at least $40 million will end up in the teachers unions coffers.

How do the teachers unions get the money?

It is very simple. First, inside the $26.1 billion bailout there is $10 billion for public teachers funding. This money is intended to prevent teacher layoffs. Teachers unions have been predicting about 160,000 layoffs, which is just 4.8% of the estimated 3.3 million teachers nationwide.

If you assume that that just half of the teachers that will now not face a layoff due to the bailout are unionized, the money that is used to continue paying them will pass through their paychecks and back into the unions hands in the form of dues. The estimated amount of contributions to state and local unions average about $300 per teacher, as well as $162 for the National Education Association or $190 for the American Federation of Teachers.

When you do the math, 160,000 teachers that won’t face a layoff with at least half of them being unionized and add in the cost of their union dues, the teachers unions will gain at least $40 million.

As Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government said, “The Senate just voted for $40 million to the public teachers unions’ political coffers, which will be mobilized into campaign ads, direct mail, phone banks, you name it, all to elect Democrats.”

Harry Reid continues to thank Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe for their unwavering support of legislation that helps to elect Democrats with your tax dollars…

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