12.03.2010 0

Donald Berwick Has Reporter Tossed From Hotel

Donald Berwick, the Health Care rationing supporter who is running the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has a strict policy on taking ZERO questions from reporters. What happens if you should ask Berwick a question? He will have you tossed out by rent-a-cops.

Today, at the Washington Court Hotel, Berwick had hotel security remove a reporter who asked him a question as he was exiting the hotel. Berwick is definitely of the opinion that he is part of a protected class that does not have to answer to anyone but Obama.

As National Journal noted:

Berwick’s refusal to talk to the media has become more common, and is something CMS will have to address as his role becomes increasingly more public as House Republicans demand Berwick’s presence on Capitol Hill.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on Berwick changing his zero tolerance on questions policy…

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