06.10.2011 0

56% Still Support Rep. Anthony Weiner

The first poll conducted on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s congressional district shows that his support in the district still runs high. The embattled Congressman is still polling at 56% favorable–after lying to his constituents and countless reporters.

According to the poll that was conducted, “Of those polled, 56 percent say Weiner should not step down. Only 33 percent say he should resign and 12 percent are not sure.”

But whether those folks will vote for him again is another question. As Politico’s Morning Score reported:

“42 percent have an unfavorable view of him, versus 38 percent with a favorable view…Asked if they would vote for him again, 31 percent say they would be definitely would not…Thirty percent say they are definitely for Weiner’s re-election, but 38 percent are not sure.” Plus: “Only 11 percent say he did something illegal and 9 percent say he did nothing wrong.” This is the first survey this week testing only Weiner’s constituents – other polls have tested all New York City voters about Weiner’s problems.

I guess another way to look at Weinergate is that Rep. Weiner proved to be slightly more honest than most other politicians when he admitted that he had lied–which is am extremely rare admission amongst politicians…

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