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UAW Local 599 Will Tow Your Car If It Isn’t American

In this day and age, there are many more American made cars than just Ford, GM, and Chrysler. But, according to United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 599, they will tow your car if it isn’t American made in several of their parking lots in Michigan.

Photo courtesy of Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry:

United Auto Workers Against American CarsAs Mark Perry pointed out, and quite accurately, cars such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are the most popular U.S. made cars. Here is some more data on the top U.S. cars, again courtesy of Mark Perry with the data from Cars.com’s American-Made Index:

Most Popular U.S. Made CarsOf course, the UAW has the right to deny access to anyone that they want to in their parking lots, but we all know that they will tow anything that isn’t a Ford, GM, or Chrysler–which is patently absurd. Just check out the above list and you will see that U.S. made cars that are most popular aren’t even made by Detroit’s Big 3.

As Donald Boudreaux wondered at Cafe Hayek, would they tow an old but well-kept Buick because the owner of such a car didn’t buy any new Ford, GM, or Chrysler vehicle in the past 5 or more years?

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