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Twas the Night before Christmas (2013)

Night_Before_ChristmasBy Rick Manning

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land

The tea party was stirring, too upset to disband

Congress had finished a bad budget deal

In hopes that the people would accept and not squeal


Barack and Michele on Waikiki did they lay

With visions of third world debts to repay

And Rove in his jammies, a Crossroads to bear

Was still shaking off, thirteen months of despair


When across America, a clatter broke out

The Obamacare lie, was creating a shout

The website had crashed, with no way to repair

The people were frantic, would there be no health care?


With Senators Cruz and Lee shaking their heads

Knowing full well, that Obamacare should be dead

But their friends in the Senate, they did not believe

Thinking instead that there would be a reprieve


But the deadlines continued to fall by the side

As Obama just waived them blithely aside

No mandates for you my big business friends

No following the law became the big trend


With a pen so quick, he made rules disappear

It seemed as if Romney had suddenly appear’d

However when asked, no law could be changed

It had been passed, there could be no exchange


He called on his minions, with Grinch like flair

Demanding their fealty, no matter, no care

And into the wind, we can still hear their names

It was these stalwart opponents he easily tamed


Now Lindsay! Now Lamar! Now, Hoeven and McCain!

On, Corker! On, Johnson! on Murkowski and Burr!

Let’s open the government, destroying health care for all

A long lonely trek they all made their way home, saying


Merry Christmas to all, and Ted Cruz was sure right!


The author is the vice president of public policy and communications for Americans for Limited Government with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore

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