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Federal court strikes down Obama net neutrality rules with decisive decision

marsha blackburn smallToday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Washington D.C. circuit struck down major Obama administration regulatory provisions on net neutrality rules. This is yet another blow to the improper government overreach exemplified by the Obama Administration and the Federal Communications Commission under the leadership of former FCC chairman Julius Genachowski.

Representative Marsha Blackburn (TN-7), long a supporter of free market innovation and harsh critic of Obama administration’s regulatory agenda, released the following statement in support of the decision:

“This ruling is a historic victory for America’s innovators and the free market. I have been fighting these socialistic regulations since former FCC Chairman Genachowski first proposed them. At that time, I cautioned that these egregious rules would be overturned. Instead of putting in place more rules that restrict our freedom, this administration should be working with Congress to enact solutions that encourage more innovation and job creation.”

  It is important to note that the DC Court of Appeals has been at the center of Obama’s attempt to stack the Courts in collusion with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  This Court is so important to stopping Obama’s Administrative agenda, that Reid has eliminated the filibuster for confirmation of judges in an attempt to stop the DC Court of Appeals from overturning this exact kind of Administrative overreach.

Due to Reid’s action, this may be the last ruling of this type as the new Democratic majority takes hold in this formally neutral legal arbiter.

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