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Obama donor tapped to head investigation into IRS Tea Party targeting


[tps_title]Barbara Kay Bosserman


By Tom Toth

The integrity of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) criminal investigation of IRS targeting of conservative groups, including Tea Party-affiliated organizations, may be dead on arrival.

Barbara Kay Bosserman, a trial lawyer for the DOJ, has been selected to head the investigation into the widely-reported prejudicial targeting of potentially thousands of the president’s political adversaries by the executive agency trusted to enforce tax and non-profit laws.

The problem is a classic conflict of interest: Bosserman has significant personal investment in Barack Obama’s political accomplishments—donating over $6,000 to the Obama’s last two presidential campaigns.

Allegations of political targeting by the IRS are unquestionably incendiary to the entire political process and the proper role of the Oval Office. A thorough investigation into allegations of such widespread impropriety from the federal government requires maximized objectivity. Eric Holder’s DOJ has rejected such notions in its investigatory personnel assignments.

This is only the latest in the IRS targeting saga. The following slides connect Bosserman with the rest of the story:

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