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Environmental Protection Agency hid the risks of diesel emissions testing on human test subjects

EPA LogoBy Rick Manning

Once again, the EPA is under fire for not fully disclosing the cancer risks from diesel fume exposures to human test subjects.   But Senator David Vitter hit the nail on the head stating, ““When justifying a job-killing regulation, EPA argues exposure to particulate matter is deadly, but when they are conducting experiments, they say human exposure studies are not harmful.”

The EPA should suspend all regulations based upon presumed effects of small particulate matter until the science is settled, which it clearly is not, given the Agency’s continuing programs at universities like the University of North Carolina and the University of Southern California, that go so far as to expose children to toxins.

If the regulations are based upon sound science it is monstrous to engage in this human testing.  If the testing is still needed to determine the real effects, then the economically devastating regulations in this area are premature at best, and at worse, politically motivated regulatory malpractice.

Since it would be irresponsible to conclude that EPA officials are deliberately attempting to increase the cancer risks in test subjects, the already promulgated regulations in this area should be suspended until the science behind them receives a full and impartial review.

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