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Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson lifts veil on establishment GOP’s Stockholm syndrome

gersonBy Richard Manning

In what was clearly intended to be a snarky, hip rebuke of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Tea Party supporters, and other limited government advocates, the Washington Post’s domesticated, in-house “conservative” Michael Gerson inadvertently exposed his true colors. By so doing, he articulated the gaping divide in the Republican ranks.

After a string of juvenile insults of various leaders of the limited government movement, Gerson bottom lined it, approvingly quoting from a recent National Affairs piece by Phillip Wallach and Justus Myers:

“Tea Partiers and other limited government advocates ‘seek to break with the past in a very different manner – repudiating 80 years of institutional development and reinventing American as a nation that rejects the substantive role for regulation or a social safety net.’”

And there you have it. Honesty from a liberal masquerading as a “conservative.” Yes, Mr. Gerson, millions of us do seek a break from the collectivist past built by your Bull Moose cronies.

The Regulatory State is killing our nation, destroying the very concept of private property and consigning us into a Kafkaesque world ruled by an army of Lois Lerner clones.

Get full story here from the Washington Examiner.

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