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Ice, ice, baby

starting to take this global warming with a grain of saltBy Rick Manning

It is just too easy to mock former Vice President Al Gore, Jr., over the continued collapse of his global warming alarmist canon.  However, the damage that his acolytes continue to do under his misguided spell makes the idea of simply disgracing him through humor to be akin to giving Charles Manson a three year suspended sentence.

Whatever punishment might be meted out, the Oscar winning climate advocate has more than a few problems with his faltering theory – the most glaring being that the climate isn’t doing what he warned us it would do.

Not only isn’t it warming the way it is supposed to, the ice in both the Arctic Sea (where it is summer) and Antarctica (where it is winter) are stubbornly refusing to play along as well.  In the Arctic Sea, the ice is more than half a million square miles above the levels observed on the same date in 2012.

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