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Thanks to the American people & w/ President Trump’s leadership, we are winning the war on the virus

President Trump chose life at every turn in the war against the virus—and that’s a good thing:

At some point early in the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump had a choice to make. Jan. 20, was when China finally confirmed human-to-human transmission, more than a month after the outbreak began. At that point, high mortality rates were not yet on the radar. But on Jan. 24, China would lock down Wuhan and the surrounding region. A day later, on Jan. 25, the first doctor to treat the virus and who tried to warn the world about it died from it in China, raising international awareness. That was the seminal moment that told both the public and world leaders two very important things: 1) this virus is much worse than was realized; and 2) that was because China was lying about it. On Jan. 29, the President appointed the White House coronavirus task force. The State Department was already evacuating people from Wuhan. At that point only a few hundred people had died in China. On Jan. 31, he suspended all travel from China. Now we know those early calls were critical and bought America time, enough time to get ready for the worst of the storm that we are now in. By March 13, President Trump had declared a national emergency and joined the coronavirus task force press briefing to announce the administration’s joint effort with the private sector for drive-thru testing for the virus, calming public fears. States followed in short order with cancelling schools, with the stay at home orders coming thereafter. Additionally, the emergency declaration paved the way to waiving Food and Drug Administration (FDA) restrictions — over FDA scientists’ objections — on antiviral treatments and other therapeutics. On the antivirals and other therapeutics, what President Trump did there was truly important, because we’re still about a year away from a vaccine with a whole other cold and flu season that will start in the fall. We really need something, anything, that might prevent the virus from spreading in our bodies or lessen the severity of infection. We’re not going to stay inside for another year. At every turn, President Trump has chosen life, even sacrificing the health of the economy while having the foresight to work with Congress with leaders in both parties to put in place the $2.2 trillion economic rescue plan that can be increased to $6 trillion to help as many employers as possible including 30 million small businesses to keep payroll plus expanding unemployment benefits, all to encourage Americans to stay home while we wait out the pandemic. I’m struck that the public so far has overwhelmingly preferred the recession option and has cooperated with the social distancing. President Trump chose life, acted decisively and has led the country through this emergency — and the American people by and large have followed his leadership. And that’s a good thing. What do you think?

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