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No matter when Obamagate report, prosecutions come from Barr & Durham they’ll be viewed politically

Will the Justice Department prosecute anybody for Spygate? Better now than later. Here’s why.

Voters need to know how and why the Obama-Biden administration was spying on its political opponents, the opposition party, the Trump campaign, in the days before the election on false charges of being foreign agents, and why the investigation was secretly carried over into the Trump administration afterward on the most specious of grounds. This is not merely a sad state of affairs with a two-tiered justice system, one for Republicans and another for Democrats that makes untouchable. This a mortal danger to our constitutional republic and the two-party system and appears the tip of the spear in a bid for one-party rule and to deny the American people their choice from 2016. The peaceful transfer of power was anything but. If there is no accountability now, these false charges against political opponents will happen again — only it will be worse next time. What do you think?

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