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Biden’s ‘transition from the oil industry’ & net zero carbon energy by 2035 will kill U.S. economy

Will Biden’s promise to ‘transition from the oil industry’ cost him the election?


“I would transition from the oil industry, yes.” That was former Vice President Joe Biden in the final presidential debate of 2020, telling voters in Texas, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado, the top-five oil producers in the country, everything they need to know about what his policies will do to their economy. In addition, Biden promised to get energy production to net-zero carbon emissions by 2035: “[W]e have to move toward a net-zero emissions. The first place to do that by the year 2035 is in energy production. The U.S. emits about 5.1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide every year as of 2017, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency: 45 percent from petroleum, 29 percent from natural gas and 26 percent from coal. 62.7 percent of the electric grid — 38 percent natural gas and 24 percent coal. That puts the top natural gas producers in the country in the crosshairs: Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Ohio.

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