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Growing Support for Election Audit

Growing support for election audit. With the ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen.

As cases of alleged voter fraud continue to surface across the country, President Donald Trump and a growing number of Republican lawmakers are calling for a national election audit to protect the integrity of the vote.

Under an election audit you must look at the integrity of the voting lists to determine how many ineligible people voted. You must also hand recounting ballots that were processed by the dubious Dominion systems to make certain that the actual paper ballots matched the computer tallies.

Georgia began a presidential vote audit last Friday. In Arizona, the state Senate President is seeking an independent analysis of the testing of voting machines.

Arizona House Member-elect Jake Hoffman said – quote – for the sake of free and fair elections, the process of fully investigating and resolving these issues must be allowed to play out unabated by partisan interests.

Demand your state lawmakers do an election audit. Go to electionauditnow.org


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