Megan Marzzacco

In addition to managing Americans for Limited Government’s social media sites, Megan Marzzacco is a contributing editor for Americans for Limited Government. She graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a B.S. in Business Administration: Marketing and Digital Studies.

During college she worked as a Resident Assistant, and was Chairwoman of UMW’s Young Americans for Freedom Chapter. Prior to joining ALG’s team, she interned at the Media Research Center, Students for Life of America, and various political campaigns.

In addition to her job at Americans for Limited Government, she co-hosts a political and personal development video series on Rumble called Peachy Patriots.

You can reach her at or on Parler @MeganMarzzacco and @PeachyPatriots

Megan Marzzacco

Raised Right By Rush Limbaugh

By Megan Marzzacco For as long as I can remember, my mom always had Rush Limbaugh’s EIB Network radio show blasting in our kitchen, sometimes at a slightly too loud volume. Although as a young child, I lacked the comprehension skills to understand the details of Rush’s […]


If Biden truly wants unity, here are 5 things he should do

Americans for Limited Government policy expert has advice on turning that promise into action. By Megan Marzzacco Love him or hate him, President Trump kept his promises the last four years. He delivered incredible results, 450 miles of border wall , ending NAFTA , four peace deals , energy independence , a COVID-19 vaccine , to name a few. In his […]


What’s so great about a Trump rally?

“The Trump Rally was a great reminder to fellow patriots that we aren’t alone and we won’t give up without a fight.” By Megan Marzzacco I’m so glad you asked! My best friend and I attended our second Trump rally over the weekend, and we can’t wait […]


In the 12 Months of 2020, Donald gave to me…

A patriotic remix of a classic Christmas carol By Megan Marzzacco As we reflect on a fabulous year (sarcasm intended), I’m grateful we at least had President Donald Trump fighting to keep America great. Despite constant media attacks and senseless haters, President Trump remained strong and successful. […]


Shocking MRC Study Shows Media Prevented Trump Landslide

  By Megan Marzzacco A new report from the Media Research Center (MRC) shows the media’s role in thwarting what should have been a landslide win for President Trump in the 2020 Presidential race. The MRC surveyed Biden voters in seven swing states (AZ, GA, MI, WI, PA , NV and NC) and tested their […]


Parler 101: 3 Tips to Thrive

By Megan Marzzacco Are you tired of Big Tech deciding what posts you see on social media? Do you feel anxious posting your political opinions online? Do you wish you could exercise your right to free speech without worrying about political correctness or being “cancelled”?  If you […]


Covid state lockdowns knocked millions of women out of the workforce—now they’re leading the rebound

By Megan Marzzacco COVID-19’s drastic economic impact has stripped away decades of women’s advancement in the workplace. Although women make up a smaller portion of the workforce, more women lost their jobs at the height of the state-led coronavirus shutdowns than men, Bureau of Labor Statistics data […]

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