Nation Building Was Never a Means to Lasting Peace or Security

Recent events have been a deeply unsatisfying end to twenty years of war and underscored the futility of a foreign policy based on perpetual nation building. Guest Contributor: Market Research Foundation “A war begun for no wise purpose, carried on with a strange mixture of rashness and timidity, […]


Manning on Mike Hayes Radio Show: Biden is shredding the Constitution

What Biden is doing is unconstitutional. The Department of Labor does not have the authority to impose these mandates through OSHA. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a regular guest on the Mike Hayes Radio Show on WIZM radio in LaCrosse, WI. This […]


Manning on Bill Meyer Radio Show: No one at the Pentagon wants to be Gen. Westmoreland

At the end of the day, Joe Biden will  be held responsible for the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. But in the meantime, it’s a circling firing squad in the swamp. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joins Medford, OR radio host Bill Meyer each Friday […]


LEAKED: Phone call between Biden & Afghan president reveals Biden focused on political spin

A transcript obtained by Reuters from an anonymous source reveals two leaders oblivious to the impending disaster and an American president focused on spinning the message. By Catherine Mortensen In the last call between U.S. President Joe Biden and his Afghanistan counterpart  before the Taliban seized control of the country, the leaders discussed military aid, political strategy and messaging […]


Biden wanted to get out of Afghanistan in the worst way. And he did.

Biden’s mental rigidity may reshape his political fortunes in the short term, but in the long term, the damage could be so great, that the U.S. could forever lose its place as the leader of the free world. By Catherine Mortensen As Americans, indeed the world, struggle […]


Manning on Bill Martinez Radio Show: Pray that God intervenes in Afghanistan

This is a disaster. Pray, pray, pray that God intervenes and pray that common sense returns to the White House. Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning joins nationally syndicated radio host Bill Martinez each Wednesday at 9 am ET to talk news of the day. This […]

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