Cartoon: Here’s His Sign

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Joe Biden’s Presidency: How it started… How it’s going

Joe Biden’s first year in office is nothing but broken promises. His historically low poll numbers reflect the growing truth that he is a failed president. Our country will not be made great again until he is out of office. By Catherine Mortensen A year ago today, […]


Joe Biden’s Top 10 Lies of 2021

President Joe Biden has stumbled, mumbled, and bumbled his way through his first year in office. While many of his gaffes leave us laughing, much of what comes out of his mouth isn’t just nonsense, it’s outright lies. By Catherine Mortensen President Joe Biden has stumbled, mumbled, […]


Manning on DOVE TV: The Afghanistan Disaster is Being Swept Under the Rug

“Our national media is failing to do it’s job in a gigantic way. What happened in Afghanistan is having ramifications all over the world and is making the world less safe.”   Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a frequent guest on DOVE TV , […]


Manning on Chosen Generation: What is being done to help persecuted Christians in Afghanistan?

Many Christians have chosen to stay in Afghanistan and continue to minister there. These are very difficult times right now for them, and they could use our prayers. What we really need is a miracle in Afghanistan. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning filled […]


Cartoon: Living in a Bubble


Manning on Michael Yaffee Radio Show: The world has gone crazy!

This is the most preventable loss of life I have ever seen. But it was inevitable based on Biden’s exit strategy. We cannot blame this on incomptence. Everything that has happened in recent days in Afghanistan was knowable. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning […]


Manning on Bill Meyer Radio Show: We are leaving our Afghan allies to be slaughtered on the tarmac in Kabul

We are fleeing Afghanistan under fire and leaving our friends and allies on the tarmac of the Kabul airport to be slaughtered. Biden has done irreperable harm to our standing in the world. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joins Medford, OR radio how […]


Rep. Gohmert Calls for President Biden to Resign Following the Deaths of U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan

“President Biden put precious American lives in the hands of our sworn enemies. It is time for him to resign.” – Rep. Louie Gohmert By Catherine Mortensen Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is calling for President Biden to resign following the tragic deaths of U.S. Service Members in […]


Cartoon: Mourning in America

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