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Manning on Alan Nathan Show: Biden’s DOJ ignores ANTIFA, goes after parents!

The FBI admitted in a recent congressional hearing that they are not tracking what ANTIFA is doing, but they are tracking parents. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joined nationally syndicated radio host Alan Nathan  this past week to talk about the the weaponization […]


Rand Paul & Wife Create ‘Twitter storm’ After Going Off on Biden’s DOJ

“The punk who assaulted the policeman defending my wife and I in DC went free but the Biden Admin. labels concerned parents as “domestic terrorists?”  By Richard Manning Sen. Rand Paul’s wife, Kelley Paul, weighed in on Twitter on the attacks she and her family […]


Open Letter to Congress

“Congress must establish an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate the individuals, organizations, and networks behind all the organized violence, from Minneapolis to Portland to the US Capitol in Washington, DC.” By Catherine Mortensen Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today signed an open letter to Members of Congress […]

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