Seven policy ideas for Republican Congressional candidates

By Richard McCarty This year, hundreds of Republican candidates for federal office will be on the ballot this fall, and many of them lack the resources to put together a strong policy team. While taxes, abortion, guns, school choice immigration, and defense are all very important issues, […]


What are they thinking?

By Printus LeBlanc You would be hard pressed to find a city in the US that does not have budget problems. The average citizen probably believes the politicians will raise revenue through taxes. But a sinister source of revenue is undermining the community trust in […]


For the government, on civil asset forfeiture, it’s all about the Benjamins

  By Printus LeBlanc The Inspectors General of the Department of Justice and Treasury Department have each released a report on the civil asset forfeiture practices of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), where law enforcement seize property even from individuals who have not been […]


Nebraska takes lead in eliminating civil asset forfeiture, Feds reinstate it

By Robert Romano Can you imagine winning $50,000 at a casino and driving away, happy about your winnings, only to be pulled over and having the large sum of cash seized all the while not being charged with any crime? That’s what happened to Tan Nguyen in Nevada in a case of civil asset forfeiture that was ultimately contested and overturned in […]


Civil asset forfeiture: It’s not just for drug dealers anymore

By Rick Manning Question: When is an American guilty until proven innocent? Answer: When law enforcement confiscates property that is allegedly involved in or acquired through illegal means without benefit of ever having convicted the owner of a crime. The fruits of this process known as civil […]


21 things Congress could defund in Commerce, Science, and Justice

By Robert Romano This week the House of Representatives is taking up the appropriations bill for Commerce, Science and Justice. This is an opportunity for Congress to exercise its constitutional power of the purse through policy riders that can help limit the size and scope of government. […]

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