Stimulus Cash Pales in Comparison to What Illegals are Getting

Sen. Marsha Blackburn calculates U.S. is spending $71K per person to house illegal aliens for six months, 50 times Covid stimulus checks! By Catherine Mortensen Illegal immigrants are each getting $71,000 to pay for housing over the next six months, according to Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) That […]


Biden and Harris Tour Country Trying to Take Credit for Trump’s Accomplishments

By Frank McCaffrey The Democrats did it with Carter – they did it with Clinton – they especially did it with Obama and now – Joe Biden has shown us that America has been fooled again! Now they are even fooling themselves! Check this string […]


Biden’s One-Two Punch on Taxes Will Destroy Free Markets and Any Hope of Economic Recovery

If Democrats are successful in hiking taxes on the “wealthy,” and the courts allow them to set state and international corporate tax rates, Biden and Congressional Democrats will have delivered a one-two-punch to our economy that we may never recover from. By Catherine Mortensen Democrats snuck a […]


Small business owner fears Biden’s Covid bailout could slow recovery

“Why would anyone want to hurry up and come back to work if they’re getting free money sitting around?” By Frank McCaffrey Americans for Limited Government Foundation is revisiting small business people we spoke with in 2020. We want to see what they’ve been up […]

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