The camera doesn’t lie: it reveals Joe Biden’s lifeless shell

The camera reveals a man who will never be interesting like Trump. He will never be inspiring like Trump. Biden appears to be,  because he is, a man better suited to backroom politics than being president. He’s dull, lifeless, and boring. By Catherine Mortensen For a recent […]


Post-Trump, GOP ditches Chamber of Commerce, globalism, woke corporatism

The Trump reckoning in the GOP was going to come to a head one way or another, where Republican leaders would have to choose between their own constituents’ interests or corporate monied interests whose agenda was at odds with grassroots Republicans. By Robert Romano “I didn’t even […]


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ALG on the border with Trump

Former President Donald Trump, invited by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, gets a first-hand look at the border wall that was not completed. He has some things to say about Joe Biden, the current immigration policy, the Keystone XL Pipeline and a new Democratic Party misinformation […]


He’s back! Trump to fill leadership void on the border

Biden’s greatest success so far continues to be illustrating to the American people what a monumental mistake was made in electing him over his predecessor. By Brett Kimball Former President Donald Trump is once again showing leadership in the face of the current administration’s deliberate […]


Under Biden’s ‘America Last’ policies who benefits and who pays?

The age of America First is decidedly over. “America Last” has returned and it’s the duty of every American to refute these harmful ideas. By Brett Kimball Many of the independent, undecided and even Democrat voters who chose Joe Biden over President Trump last November […]

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