Will 10 Senate Republicans vote for Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure billion and risk more inflation?

The pressure is for Biden to produce as much as he can from budget reconciliation. This makes Senate Republican concessions to make it easier for Biden to ram his agenda through the budget reconciliation process all the more inexplicable. When will they just say no? […]


ALG on Mike Hayes Radio Show: Who is to blame for higher gas prices?

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning regularly joins WIZN radio host Mike Hayes to share updates from Washington, DC. This week they talked about high gas prices. “Joe Biden’s no-energy policies are killing us,” Manning said. “If we don’t open up our resources, we’ll pay higher […]


Progressives’ Plan B for achieving socialist utopia

“Flatlining government spending is the only acceptable approach to paying for any infrastructure plan.” By Catherine Mortensen If you’ve had a hard time keeping up with the latest spending bills in Washington in recent weeks, join the club. It seems every day Democrats change their demands and […]


Democrats demand free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for all kids, even the wealthy

“Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.” – Milton Friedman, economist by Catherine Mortensen As the Covid pandemic appears to wind down in the United States, Democrats are winding up their efforts to expand and make permanent many of the pandemic’s “temporary” emergency assistance programs. […]


Cartoon: Santa’s Little Helper

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