Does Biden deserve credit for job gains?

Biden and his advisors have no idea how they got to where they are and no plan to unleash the private sector economy to sustain the natural job recovery which they have lucked into. By Rick Manning The White House Facebook page crowed , “3,000,000 jobs created since […]


He’s back! Trump to fill leadership void on the border

Biden’s greatest success so far continues to be illustrating to the American people what a monumental mistake was made in electing him over his predecessor. By Brett Kimball Former President Donald Trump is once again showing leadership in the face of the current administration’s deliberate […]


ALG on Bill Martinez: Biden looked weak in his summit with Putin

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning appears as a regular guest every week on the nationally syndicated Bill Martinez show in over 300 markets nationally on Wednesday’s at 9:am ET. This week, Rick talked about Biden’s lack of leadership at his summit in Geneva with Russian […]


Congress needs to stop spending to staunch rapid inflation rise

This sustained and substantial increase in the producer cost of final goods is akin to finding a dead canary in the mine shaft of government spending excess. By Rick Manning The prices that suppliers are charging businesses and other customers rose again last month, adding to inflation […]


Like Father, Like Son? Where did Hunter Biden Learn that Using the N-Word Was Okay?

It is outrageous that President Biden and the Woke left lecture America on a daily basis about our “systemic racism,” when in fact, the president’s own son appears to be an actual racist. By Catherine Mortensen Just days after President Joe Biden in a graduation speech chastised Americans for our “systemic […]


Cartoon: Frail Rider


Under Biden’s ‘America Last’ policies who benefits and who pays?

The age of America First is decidedly over. “America Last” has returned and it’s the duty of every American to refute these harmful ideas. By Brett Kimball Many of the independent, undecided and even Democrat voters who chose Joe Biden over President Trump last November […]


Biden-Harris Border Disaster Goes from Bad to Worse

Harris dodges responsibility, Biden Ends Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy By Catherine Mortensen President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris can’t get their act together when it comes to protecting our nation from illegal immigrants. Biden is exacerbating his border crisis by canceling the Migrant Protection […]


WVNN Radio, Huntsville: “We need an independent commission to investigate Covid origins.”

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning joined WVNN radio host Michael Yaffee in Huntsville, AL this week to talk about the Biden attempt to cover up its shutdown of a Trump-era investigation begun under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo into the origin of  Covid virus.


Biden playing politics with investigation into origins of deadly Covid origins

Biden calls for “full, transparent” investigation into Covid origins just months after he shut down a Trump-era State Department investigation. By Catherine Mortensen President Joe Biden is playing politics when it comes to investigating the origins of the deadly Covid-19 virus that has now killed more than […]

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