The vaccination rebellion is real, even if Joe Biden ignores it

As more and more individuals and groups speak out, resist, and defy the government mandate, freedom will prevail. By Catherine Mortensen Americans everywhere are defying President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. Airline CEOs, members of law enforcement, medical providers, independent businesses, and retailers are pushing back in a […]


We Must Rise to Restore Constitutional Government

Are we willing to pledge to each other “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” for freedom? By Cheryl Chumley, Guest Columnist When we think of Virginia patriots, most of us think of Patrick Henry, the man who gave us the immortal battle cry, […]


Tell Governors and Legislators NO Federal, State or Local VACCINE PASSPORTS OR MANDATES!


Bongino is a Welcome Voice in our Fight for Liberty

By Rick Manning While no one will ever replace Rush Limbaugh, conservative commentator Dan Bongino now fills Limbaugh’s mid-day radio slot in many cities across the country. Bongino kicked off his new radio show this week by interviewing former President  Donald Trump , who gave listeners a glimpse into […]

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