Virginia Governor’s Race Could Be Slipping Away from Democrats

Polls show Democrat’s credo of heavy spending, anti-police rhetoric, Critical Race Theory, and endless Covid mandates are not sustainable. By Catherine Mortensen Our friends at the Market Research Foundation have analyzed the results of several new polls in the Virginia’s governor’s race and found signs that Democrats could be in […]


California Recall Election Signals Growing Trouble for Democrats in 2022

The exit polls from California confirm the trend we’ve seen in American politics for a number of years: the Democrat party represents the interests and values of the elites and not the middle-class. By Catherine Mortensen Last Tuesday’s special election to determine the fate of California Governor […]


Nation Building Was Never a Means to Lasting Peace or Security

Recent events have been a deeply unsatisfying end to twenty years of war and underscored the futility of a foreign policy based on perpetual nation building. Guest Contributor: Market Research Foundation “A war begun for no wise purpose, carried on with a strange mixture of rashness and timidity, […]


New Poll Shows GOP Was Right to Dump Cheney

GOP voters know that Liz Cheney’s focus on punishing Trump is a distraction from the real threat: the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi socialist agenda which is destroying America. By Catherine Mortensen A new CBS/YouGov poll makes clear that the overwhelming majority of Republican voters are happy to have Rep. Liz Cheney out […]

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