Biden struggles to pass $3.5 trillion spending bill amid concerns economy is overheating

We literally printed money to cover every bit of the debt that has been incurred due to the Covid pandemic and lockdowns. Now, it looks like the economy is overheating. By Robert Romano The Consumer Price Index has increased 5.4 percent the past twelve months amid an unprecedented spendathon by Congress and two presidential […]


The money supply has grown more than 28 percent to $20.1 trillion since the Covid pandemic began, but does it matter?

By Robert Romano The supply of U.S. dollars as measured by the Federal Reserve’s M2 Money Stock has grown by more than $4.6 trillion since Feb. 2020 when the Covid pandemic began to $20.1 trillion — a gargantuan 29.6 percent increase in the money supply, the largest ever on record. The surge […]

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