Manning in Townhall: Microsoft Wants to Make Sure Your PC is ‘PC’

The tech giant has created bizarre spellchecking software designed to prevent users from writing anything that is outside of ‘approved’ language, leading some to call it a form of ‘mind control.’ TOWNHALL By Richard Manning Big Tech’s push to censor speech and contenthas reached a new […]


Manning in Townhall: Thanking the Almighty God, the First Thanksgiving

It is my sincere hope and prayer that this Thanksgiving, while we are preparing for a feast that we will remember who the true founder of that feast is, the Almighty God.  TOWNHALL By Rick Manning The first official Thanksgiving Proclamation by Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford 398 […]


Manning in Townhall: Legal Commerce is not a Nuisance

The activist judge is so invested in creating a unique nuisance legal precedent that he has attempted to bully pharmacies into settling cases where they have engaged in no wrong-doing. He has all but threatened them with potential bankruptcy if they do not settle.  The […]


Manning in Townhall: Civil disobedience American style – look who is awake now!

“There’s something happening here, But what it is ain’t exactly clear.”  – Buffalo Springfield, “For What It’s Worth” 1966 By Richard Manning TOWNHALL There is a feeling of disquiet in the air in America. KMED talk radio host Bill Meyer in Medford, Ore. and I spent […]


Manning in Townhall: Rubio’s Response to Biden Health Rationing puts Democrats in Tough Spot

President Joe Biden is the latest in a long line of Democrats who seem to think that just because they got elected to office, they should determine what patients should get which medicines. TOWNHALL By Richard Manning What is it with Democrats and their desire to […]


Manning in Townhall: Keep the IRS Out of Our Personal Bank Accounts

The same people who make a habit of targeting conservative political activists and believe that every voice should be heard, so long as those voices agree with them, cannot be given the keys to our bank accounts.  TOWNHALL By Richard Manning Remember Lois Lerner? For those […]


Manning in Townhall: Afghanistan is new Killing Fields

Every person who is Christian or is an apostate who is identified will be executed along with their families.  This is not hyperbole, it is what is happening and will intensify dramatically when we are gone. By Richard Manning Aug. 31, 2021 marks the date […]


Manning in Townhall: WaPo Fact-Checker Kessler Strikes Out with His False Health Care Analysis

Kessler is using his failed fact checking to evaluate an objectively true statement from an ad opposing Nancy Pelosi’s disastrous attempt to take over the pricing of medicines. The truth is clear, under HR 3, Sue from Ohio won’t be able to get her medicine […]


We’re all in it together – Or were we?

The very people who were so earnestly leading the “we’re all in it together” chant, were not in it at all.  And quite frankly, were major beneficiaries of the economic shutdown. TOWNHALL By Rick Manning We’re all in it together! That was the shaming slogan shouted from every […]


TOWNHALL GUEST COLUMN: Why Kamala Won’t Go to the Border

TOWNHALL By Rick Manning Vice President Kamala Harris is in the ultimate no-win position when it comes to visiting the U.S./Mexico border.  If she doesn’t go, she is shirking her responsibility, if she does, she will be politically damaged by the trip for a lifetime. Imagine the photo-op […]

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