GOP Fights and Wins Battles to Protect Our Troops

“Believe it or not, Democrats sought to indoctrinate our troops with the false narrative that America is a systemically racist country and then ask those same troops to go and die for that country. It is just insane. But this week’s victory shows what a […]


Republicans Fight to Protect Troops from Woke Cancel Culture

“The DoD should focus on real threats that pose a clear and present danger to our nation – not those who refuse to bow to the woke orthodoxy pushed by Liberal elites in the mainstream media, academia, and government.” Senate Republicans’ letter to DoD By […]


Cancel Culture Hits Home as Conservatives Marginalized in Affordable Housing

Conservatives and liberals used to agree to disagree and remember above all else that they share a common, American heritage. This is not true anymore. Many liberals are refusing to rent to conservatives and even evicting them after discovering their political leaning. By David Potter As cancel […]

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