Rick Manning

Rick Manning is the President Americans for Limited Government and can be reached at rmanning@getliberty.org. A long time public affairs professional, Rick served as the Public Affairs Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Labor during the George W. Bush Administration, where he was twice recognized by the Secretary for Exceptional Achievement.

Born and raised in southern California, Rick graduated from the University of Southern California working his way through school running political campaigns.

Shortly thereafter, he became a state lobbyist for the National Rifle Association for nine years responsible for the southeastern United States, Maryland and New Jersey. At NRA, Rick worked closely with local groups to pass the groundbreaking concealed carry law in Florida which has subsequently served as a national model.

A veteran of dozens of corporate communications and grassroots campaigns, Manning has emerged as a leading voice in the conservative community with columns appearing in The Hill, Investor’s Business Daily, FoxNews.com and other major publications across the nation.

A resident of Maryland where he is a former town council member locally, Rick is active in his local church and is married to his college sweetheart.

Rick Manning

Debt Deal: Disaster or Disappointment?

By Rick Manning Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy came to a deal to slightly lower federal spending. You may read that projected federal government spending will decrease by $2.1 trillion over the next ten years. It won’t and it is not even close. As someone who has […]


Biden administration just let a Chinese company buy Tutor.com that military personnel use for educational services, stores personal information

By Rick Manning A Chinese company now owns access to the personal online information of hundreds of thousands of U.S. military and civilian Department of Defense personnel and their families. What could go wrong? The Department of Defense offers tutoring and other free educational services to servicemembers […]


Tucker Carlson fired after Fox News-Dominion legal settlement as company commits corporate suicide

By Rick Manning The 1970s movie and television show MASH’s theme song was eerily named, “Suicide is Painless.” The movie’s director Robert Altman wanted a song with the “stupidest lyrics ever” and after failing to write them, his fifteen year old son completed the job, earning massive songwriting […]


PBS and NPR are quitting Twitter—sort of 

By Rick Manning The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR) are quitting Twitter (sort of.)  Their problem is that the social media platform has labelled the two entities as “government-funded media” and they don’t like it. And in response, they have vowed to not publish fresh information to their 11 million combined followers.  How […]


Crony Capitalism Is Coming to Your Retirement Planning

By Rick Manning As the country prepares to enter a third year of painful inflation, Americans are pessimistic about the state of the economy and bracing for a recession. Families are planning for their futures in the face of uncertainty and ever-increasing prices. Against this backdrop, big […]


A Tale of Two Republican Leaders

By Rick Manning With former President Trump gearing up for another presidential run in 2024 and rumors flying about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spinning up a campaign of his own , it’s anyone’s guess how the next presidential election is going to play out.    Early YouGov polling of all Americans shows they see the two […]


Increasing Wokeness and Class Division Threaten to Tear the Left Apart 

By Rick Manning Tensions are rising between those who profess to want to redefine the “soul” of America and those who have traditionally provided them the votes to win elections. A new report from the Manhattan Institute warns that increasing tensions inside the Democratic Party between woke White elites and working class voters […]


Cancelling Newsmax is Cancelling Your Choice

By Rick Manning Censorship of conservative voices by establishment media owners has hit a new low with the decision by AT&T and its subsidiary DirecTV to drop Newsmax from their offerings. One snide commenter was quoted as saying that conservatives have Fox News, why do they need […]


Congress must act before the debt bomb goes off

By Rick Manning Today, the national debt is $31.4 trillion . It’s stuck there for the time being, as Congress considers increasing the national debt ceiling, with House Republicans led by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) demanding that spending be brought under control. And with good reason. In 2010, Chairman of the Joint […]


The new Congress convenes… but does McCarthy have the votes for Speaker?

By Rick Manning January 3 in every odd year is the real start of the new year in the political world.  It is when a new Congress begins. A new Congress with all of the hopes from the previous election, new members and old celebrating with open […]


Omnibusted: Will Senate Republicans fold again?

By Rick Manning The $1.65 trillion omnibus spending bill got one step closer to passage on Dec. 21 as the Senate easily voted in favor of the motion to proceed with the massive Omnibus spending package, 70 to 25, with 20 Senate Republicans voting in favor of moving forward . That’s more than enough for final passage. […]


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for the Washington, D.C. establishment

  By Rick Manning It is Christmas season.  The decorations are hung or need to be. Gifts are being purchased. The Advent Week of peace is being celebrated. Parties are being thrown. And Americans wind down from a long, stressful year. Unfortunately, while most Americans refocus, the […]


Warnings from the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month in Europe, Asia

By Rick Manning On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 the war to end all wars ended. World War I cost about nine million soldiers their lives with 21 million more wounded.  Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia each […]


The lesson of 2022 is that campaigns still matter—a lot

By Rick Manning Campaigns matter! That’s the story of the election of 2022.  Democrats survived and indeed were rewarded because they ran a campaign demonizing GOP supporters as threats to democracy using images of idiots hanging from the nation’s Capitol from January 6th to make their point, […]


Crime is on the ballot on November 8th

By Rick Manning Murders are up 50 percent since mid-2019 in major cities and Democrat catch and release policies are squarely in the voters crosshairs. The same Democrats who embraced the Black Lives Matter defund the police mantra now find themselves having to defend the results of emasculated police forces […]

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