Rick Manning

Rick Manning is the President Americans for Limited Government and can be reached at rmanning@getliberty.org. A long time public affairs professional, Rick served as the Public Affairs Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Labor during the George W. Bush Administration, where he was twice recognized by the Secretary for Exceptional Achievement.

Born and raised in southern California, Rick graduated from the University of Southern California working his way through school running political campaigns.

Shortly thereafter, he became a state lobbyist for the National Rifle Association for nine years responsible for the southeastern United States, Maryland and New Jersey. At NRA, Rick worked closely with local groups to pass the groundbreaking concealed carry law in Florida which has subsequently served as a national model.

A veteran of dozens of corporate communications and grassroots campaigns, Manning has emerged as a leading voice in the conservative community with columns appearing in The Hill, Investor’s Business Daily, FoxNews.com and other major publications across the nation.

A resident of Maryland where he is a former town council member locally, Rick is active in his local church and is married to his college sweetheart.

Rick Manning

Paris climate accord flops as China increases carbon emissions more than rest of the world reduces them

While America has been busily shuttering coal fired utilities, China has stomped down on the accelerator in increasing coal fired electricity generation.  By Rick Manning President Joe Biden’s blind re-entry into the fatally flawed Paris Climate Accord in January was little more than a promise to unilaterally […]


Lower Corporate Tax Rate to Zero

Corporate tax rate should be lowered to zero percent for companies which have 100 percent American workforces. By Rick Manning Senator Joe Manchin (D. – W.Va.) said he would oppose raising the corporate tax rate to 28 percent, a key component of the Biden administration’s infrastructure bill, […]


Biden Should Overturn this Decision and Protect American Jobs

Editor’s Note: This piece first appeared in Real Clear Politics on March 31, 2021. By Rick Manning President Joe Biden has the power to overturn the recent U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC)  decision  in a trade dispute involving the importation and sale of certain lithium-ion batteries, battery cells, battery modules, and […]


Time to play ball, not politics, on Georgia election law

Moving the All-Star Game would put Major League Baseball at odds with basic constitutional principles but would also create a further chasm between the game and much of its fan base.  By Rick Manning Click here to email Commissioner Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball owners and tell them to Play Ball and Not Politics! Major League Baseball is being pressured by the left to move its All […]


The Fight to Protect Talk Radio

The fight for America’s soul is being waged and radio transmission towers are the main vehicles through which conservative thought is heard.  In the next four years, politically and legally defending those towers may be the difference between our nation surviving the onslaught on speech […]


Microsoft cyberattackers rewarded with big Microsoft investment

By Rick Manning It is crazy, but the startling March 9 Washington Free Beacon headline screamed out with a dissonance akin to a teacher running her fingernails down a blackboard to get her students attention, “ Microsoft Responds to China Cyber Attack by Expanding Business in China .” What the heck? Chinese Communist Party hackers breached the Microsoft […]


It will take years to recover the 8 million jobs still lost to Covid and state lockdowns

The latest unemployment figures from states shows that eleven states engaged in the most draconian economic shutdowns all have significantly higher unemployment rates than the national average.  By Rick Manning The last month of President Trump’s economic miracle was February 2020 before Covid struck the U.S. economy.The […]


The rest of the story – why the economy gained 379,000 jobs in February

By Rick Manning The U. S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reported fantastic job gain numbers across the country of 379,000 jobs created in their February 2021 Establishment Survey. While the economy remains over 9.5 million jobs shy of pre-pandemic levels according to the establishment survey — and 8.5 million shy in the separate household survey — this growth is a positive […]


In Memorium – America lost an unsung hero – Curtis Ellis

By Rick Manning America lost one of her great defenders this weekend as Curtis Ellis, the leading advocate for America First policies over most of his life succumbed to a battle with cancer. Curtis last served as a senior policy advisor for America First Priorities, after working […]


Capitol Hill police officer Brian Sicknick was not killed by a fire extinguisher as New York Times withdraws report

By Rick Manning A Capitol Hill police officer was not killed on Jan. 6 at the US Capitol by someone using a fire extinguisher as a blunt instrument.  It was a lie , reported by the New York Times using two anonymous “law enforcement” sources and now the “Grey Lady” has […]


President’s Day – Don’t Let Others Define America for Your Children

By Rick Manning Many years ago, schools in my home state of California used to celebrate two of our greatest President’s birthdays, Feb. 12 for Abraham Lincoln and February 22 for George Washington as holidays. Children would learn stories about how a poor boy who grew up […]


Why Biden Must Continue Trump’s China Crackdown

The crackdown on the Communist Chinese Party is one of many Trump policies that the president-elect should embrace and expand. By Rick Manning President Donald Trump this week added restrictions to Executive Order 13959 which will prohibit Americans from selling or purchasing securities in Chinese companies that pose a threat to national security. […]


How should we respond?

While not a Christian group, we will be proceeding along the lines of Christian principles, because if we fail to win the battle against moral relativism, the rest is lost. By Rick Manning America is the greatest country that has ever existed in the history of mankind […]


Arizona voters continue to fight

  By Rick Manning I visited America on Monday, attending a rally at the state capitol in Arizona featuring well over a dozen currently and newly elected state legislators.  It was awesome. In the Washington, D.C. area, everything is so locked up and buttoned down that it […]


Only legal U.S. residents should count

Supreme Court weighs President Trump’s plan to exclude illegal aliens from apportionment base By Rick Manning Illegal aliens in the United States should not be counted for purposes of determining the apportionment of U.S. Representatives to the United States Congress. It seems absurd that states and localities […]

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