Robert Romano

Robert Romano is the Vice President of Public Policy at Americans for Limited Government and can be reached at [email protected]. He grew up in a suburban Long Island township. He studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stony Brook University with the Class of 2008. In his free time, he composes music on piano, paints oil on canvas, and writes fiction.

Robert lives in Virginia, is married and is a father of two.

Robert Romano

Will 10 Senate Republicans vote for Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure billion and risk more inflation?

The pressure is for Biden to produce as much as he can from budget reconciliation. This makes Senate Republican concessions to make it easier for Biden to ram his agenda through the budget reconciliation process all the more inexplicable. When will they just say no? […]


Trump is right. Many Americans foregoing vaccinations do not trust the government—and after the Wuhan lab origin cover-up, why should they?

By Robert Romano “He’s way behind schedule, and people are refusing to take the vaccine because they don’t trust his administration, they don’t trust the election results, and they certainly don’t trust the fake news, which is refusing to tell the truth.” That was former President Donald […]


McConnell declares ‘compromise’ election takeover dead on arrival in the Senate

By Robert Romano Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has all but declared Senate Democrats’ latest proposed version of S. 1 — legislation that would nationalize election law away from the states — dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate. Under regular order, Democrats will need at least 10 […]


Is Biden’s legislative agenda already dead as normal order is restored in the U.S. Senate?

By Robert Romano After Democrats in 2020 secured the White House, House and Senate, completing the trifecta for President Joe Biden as has every Democratic, first-term president since 1912, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) came fully into power in 2021 […]


Are 39 percent of small businesses really permanently closed after Covid?

By Robert Romano “Sadly, during the course of the pandemic, one-third of our small businesses have closed.” That was Vice President Kamala Harris in a June 1 interview on MSNBC , citing a study by Womply, a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Small Business Administration loan servicer, and Harvard University’s website, which currently claims […]


Bipartisan push for Big Tech antitrust legislation still won’t solve social media deplatforming

By Robert Romano A group of bipartisan bills that purport to address Big Tech monopolies by Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter are being advanced in the House of Representatives, but they will probably not address political discrimination and deplatforming of individual users on these platforms like […]


We could use blockchain encryption to secure mail-in absentee ballots in future elections

By Robert Romano Where are the envelopes? This is one question that puzzled me throughout the course of the 2020 election recounts and legal challenges, primarily centered on controversial absentee mail-in ballots that the Trump campaign alleged were not properly verified before being counted. In Georgia, for […]


Inflation up almost 5 percent past 12 months amid torrent of spending and weakening dollar. Is the economy overheating?

By Robert Romano Inflation is up 4.92 percent the past 12 months as of May, the most since July 2008’s 5.5 percent , according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics , amid a torrent of trillions of dollars of government spending, Federal Reserve money printing and a weakening dollar combined with the continued economic rebound led by reopening businesses from the […]


Will Joe Manchin let Chuck Schumer abolish the filibuster to nationalize election laws and establish Democratic one-party rule in the Senate?

By Robert Romano This month, the U.S. Senate will be taking up S. 1, legislation to nationalize U.S. election law and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is setting the stage for a showdown on the fate of the filibuster, which has stood since 1917. Having failed […]


U.S. adds 559,000 jobs in May, but the small business paycheck protection program ended on May 31. Will the recovery continue?

By Robert Romano The U.S. economy added another 559,000 jobs in the month of May, according to the Bureau of labor Statistics’ establishment survey of employers, as the unemployment rate fell to 5.8 percent amid the U.S. economy continuing its reopening from the Covid pandemic. More than 39 percent […]


Did 3.7 million people die because of Covid cover-up of potential Wuhan lab origin of virus?

By Robert Romano Click here to urge Congress to adopt the Covid Commission bill to study origins of the virus in China! Almost 3.7 million people have died worldwide from the Covid pandemic that began in the Wuhan province of China in late 2019, and now, the American people are learning that the U.S. government has had intelligence for months that indicates the virus might have been released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in a laboratory accident. On Jan. 15, right […]


U.S. intel knew of potential Wuhan lab origin of Covid since at least May 2020 and probably earlier

By Robert Romano On May 23, the Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. intelligence agencies have been aware of the possibility of lab accident at the Wuhan Institute for Virology occurring as early as Nov. 2019, a month before the virus was clinically recognized. According to the Journal: […]


Deficit will hit $3.6 trillion in fiscal year 2021 as $7.27 trillion of the national debt will come due in the next year alone

Despite the record amounts of debt, the Treasury and Federal Reserve do not appear to have any trouble financing the debt at the moment. By Robert Romano The annual budget deficit has already hit $1.9 trillion and counting for the fiscal year that will end in September, […]


Deficit will hit $3.6 trillion in fiscal year 2021 as $7.27 trillion of the national debt will come due in the next year alone

By Robert Romano The annual budget deficit has already hit $1.9 trillion and counting for the fiscal year that will end in September, according to the U.S. Treasury’s April statement , and it will reach as high as $3.6 trillion this year, says the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) . Comparatively, in 2020, the deficit totaled about $3.1 trillion for the […]


Did the Fed’s strong dollar policy artificially exacerbate the 25 million job losses during Covid?

By Robert Romano One of former President Donald Trump’s biggest complaints during his term of office was that the dollar was too strong for him to pursue his trade agenda to boost U.S. exports and bring manufacturing back to America. He had a point. That is because […]

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