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Robert Romano is the Vice President of Public Policy at Americans for Limited Government and can be reached at He grew up in a suburban Long Island township. He studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stony Brook University with the Class of 2008. In his free time, he composes music on piano, paints oil on canvas, and writes fiction.

Robert lives in Virginia, is married and is a father of two.

Robert Romano

Texas hasn’t expanded baseline electricity generation capacity in a decade, boosted wind and solar instead

Does the state’s 20 percent ownership rule, which prevents any company from owning more than 20 percent of power generating capacity in a region, create a potential perverse disincentive and bar operators from expanding thermal capacity? By Robert Romano The catastrophic blizzard and power outage in Texas […]


Newly declassified FBI documents prove Obama administration used warrantless surveillance against Trump campaign in 2016

It is imperative that Special Counsel John Durham be allowed to finish his job, and for Congress to be fully briefed on what happened, so that FISA can be legislatively reformed so we don’t have the nation’s spying tools be used against the opposition party […]


$1.9 trillion Covid spending bill passes House, goes back to Senate—but will it help recover the 8.7 million jobs still lost to pandemic?

Is the stimulus starting to see a cycle of diminishing returns? By Robert Romano The U.S. House of Representatives has completed its work on its version of the $1.9 trillion Covid spending bill, passing on a party line 219 to 212 vote on Feb. 27 , and going back to the Senate for consideration. The legislation would provide $1,400 checks to […]


Why did New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wait so long to reverse his nursing home Covid executive order?

Gov. Cuomo famously exclaimed that Covid “is death.” He was close. His executive order was death. By Robert Romano The nation has known as early as Feb. 2020 when the nursing home in Washington State had its Covid outbreak that the long-term care facilities had to be […]


Will Merrick Garland allow Special Counsel John Durham to finish his investigation of Spygate?

By Robert Romano “I understand that [Special Counsel John Durham] has been permitted to remain his position and sitting here today, I have no reason to think that that was not the correct decision… I don’t have any reason to think that he should not remain in […]


Will Xavier Becerra issue waivers for state-level public options—without Congressional approval?

Nobody, not even a Senate Republican, asked the question about what Biden’s public option might look like. The Senate and the American people are left to wonder what Biden and Becerra’s plan for the public option really is. By Robert Romano President Joe Biden has nominated former […]


Is Biden’s Supreme Court packing threat already working as the court punts abortion and guns rights cases?

By Robert Romano Is President Joe Biden’s implicit threat to pack the Supreme Court already working? The Supreme Court with its newly minted Republican-appointed 6 to 3 majority is getting ready for its next round of cases as it convenes this week, but it might not yet […]


Parler is back online but the fight against online censorship has just begun

By Robert Romano has successfully moved to its new server after being deplatformed by Amazon Web Services last month, as well as being removed from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, following the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Parler was unfortunately […]


Will Senate Democrats eliminate the filibuster just to nationalize election laws under H.R. 1?

By Robert Romano After sweeping the trifecta of the House, Senate and White House in 2020 with the slimmest of majorities, Democrats have a diminishing window of opportunity to enact their agenda and keep their political base happy. After all, majorities do not last forever, and in […]


McConnell says Trump’s speech ‘not incitement,’ Senate trial was unconstitutional, but former president ‘still liable’ for riot

By Robert Romano “By the strict criminal standard, the President’s speech probably was not incitement.” That was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s take on the merits of the failed impeachment charge against former President Donald Trump, where he was found not guilty of “incitement of insurrection” by the U.S. Senate. Nor was it […]


Trump once again exonerated and found not guilty by Senate—can the country move forward now?

By Robert Romano Former President Donald Trump has once again been exonerated and found not guilty by the U.S. Senate in his second impeachment trial on all charges that he incited the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 by his speech at the Save America Rally when in […]


It is free speech that is on trial in the Senate, not former President Donald Trump

By Robert Romano Click here to tell the Senate that a vote to convict former President Donald Trump is a vote to end constitutionally protected free speech! The  single article of impeachment against former President Donald Trump states that in his speech at the Save America Rally on Jan. 6, he “willfully made statements that, in context, encouraged — and foreseeably resulted in — lawless action at the Capitol.” The riot that followed sadly resulted […]


Why are Democrats so afraid of Trump running for president again?

By Robert Romano “Donald Trump should NEVER be allowed to hold public office again. Convicting him disqualifies him from running any future races. #HoldTrumpAccountable” That was the tweet from the House Democratic Caucus on Feb. 7, neatly outlining the only possible reason for the Senate to proceed with […]


Senate Democrats block amendment that would have prohibited consideration of Supreme Court packing

By Robert Romano “In the Senate, it shall not be in order to consider a provision in a bill, joint resolution, motion, amendment, amendment between the Houses, or conference report that would increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court of the United States.” That was […]


Sen. Rand Paul’s three-penny plan would balance budget in five years after debt grew $4.4 trillion in 2020

By Robert Romano Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is offering an alternative budget plan that would cut three cents out of every federal dollar spent every year for five years, bringing the budget into balance by 2026, at a time when the U.S. added more than $4.4 trillion to the national debt in 2020 […]

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