Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government

Bill Wilson is regarded as one of the most eloquent and powerful political figures of his generation and for more than 30 years has worked to advance conservative, free-market issues.  Over that time, he has become recognized as a top strategist and tactician on issue driven campaigns.

Wilson began his career as youth coordinator in the Reagan for President campaign of 1976, working the areas of northeast Maryland and southeastern Pennsylvania.  That same year, he joined the National Right to Work Committee as an organizer in a number of western states. For the next ten years Wilson worked for the Right to Work Committee, attaining the position of Vice-President of Operations.  He directed the successful enactment of the Idaho Right to Work law in 1986.

Subsequent projects directed by Wilson include regional operations to secure votes in support of President Reagan’s request for aid to the Freedom Fighters of Nicaragua, successful franchise battles by investor-owned utilities against government backed power Cooperatives, the development of a modern secondary mortgage market system in the newly freed Republic of Poland, and numerous Congressional campaigns.

In 1994 Wilson joined US Term Limits as an advisor managing various projects and initiative campaigns.  As a founding Board member of Americans for Limited Government, Wilson sat on the Executive Committee of ALG until serving the role as President of the organization from December, 2006 until May, 2013. And in 2009, Wilson and his organization were featured in the New York Times. Wilson left the Board of Directors at ALG in late 2016.

Wilson is married to the former Tessie Capellas.  They have two grown children and reside in Fairfax County, Virginia.

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Bill Wilson

Democratic-Run States are Losing Population, Power, and Congressional Seats  

By Bill Wilson For years, Americans who believe in limited government and putting the American people first have had to watch as states like California, New York, and Illinois have turned their cities into dystopian hellscapes and sent unhinged politicians to Washington DC to inflict their policies […]


Biden’s Evaporating Support Among Minorities Can No Longer Be Ignored 

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Voter Numbers and New Polling Suggest Pennsylvania Could Flip Back to Trump in 2024

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Democrats and Rev. Al Sharpton Blame the GOP for Their Own failures with Minority Voters

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Anti-War Sentiment is Rising on the Right, Driven by Young People and Minorities

By Bill Wilson The public is growing weary of the globalist cabal continuing to ensnare us financially and otherwise in overseas conflicts that do not benefit Americans and instead create decades of costly chaos. Our involvement in the Russia-Ukraine dispute has been largely without gain, and the […]


Is the Regime Blinking With The Trump Indictment?

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Is the Supreme Court “Out of Control”? Majority of Americans Stand with the Court on Recent “Controversial” Rulings  

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Globalists Want Anyone But Trump And Their Slate of Candidates Proves It

By Bill Wilson Expect Never Trumpers to re-emerge from the woodwork just as they did in 2020, attempting to discredit the former President and argue that Trump lacks “electability” and should be replaced by a more centrist candidate. What they are really saying is a candidate who […]


Biden’s Favorability Plummets as a Third of Biden Voters Say They Support Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

By Bill Wilson Joe Biden’s favorability rating is plunging deeper underwater in recent polls, with the latest Reuters and YouGov polls showing his approval rating sits at about 41% while 54% of Americans disapprove of the job he is doing as president. It isn’t surprising, given that […]


Over a fifth of Blacks Would Support Trump over Biden – Huge New Poll 

By Bill Wilson Two new polls have sobering news for President Joe Biden when it comes to maintaining his support among Black voters.    A recent Emerson poll found that 22% of Black voters say they’d support Former President Trump over President Joe Biden in a head-to head match up. […]


Proof That the Radical Left Agenda is Failing as Americans take Populist Positions on Immigration, Taxes, Trans issues and Education

By Bill Wilson A comprehensive new poll forecasts a huge rise in populist sentiment among the American people, with the public aggressively pushing back against globalist policies and the radical cultural agenda destroying the country from within. The latest Harvard-Harris poll shows a majority of Americans reject allowing illegal […]


New Breaking Poll – 59% of Hispanics Disapprove of Biden’s Job as President

By Bill Wilson The economic disarray foisted on the American people under the Biden Administration is driving away Hispanics at an alarming rate, with nearly 60% of Hispanic voters saying they disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as President. The latest CBS News / YouGov poll shows Biden’s disapproval […]


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Visits Border in Arizona – States Open Borders are ‘Unsustainable’

By Bill Wilson You wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media blackout of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but the Democratic primary contender made a trip to the southern border Tuesday, visiting Yuma, Arizona where thousands of migrants enter the U.S. illegally each week.    Kennedy documented the […]


The Globalists Refuse to Acknowledge Their Grasp on Young People is Weakening

By Bill Wilson   The self-congratulating globalists controlling the Democratic Party persist in perpetuating the outdated notion that “young people” are predominantly aligned with leftist ideologies, even when all data points to the contrary. Not only are Millennials growing more conservative as they age – the oldest […]


Biden Under Fire from the Anti-Establishment Left and Center as R.F.K. and Joe Lieberman Mount Their Attacks

By Bill Wilson   Joe Biden is under fire from all sides, with nearly two-thirds of Democrats saying they think the party should nominate someone else, and critics elevating anti-establishment challengers like Robert F. Kennedy Jr as well as mounting attacks with third-party candidates. Kennedy’s choice to […]

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