Democratic-Run States are Losing Population, Power, and Congressional Seats  

By Bill Wilson For years, Americans who believe in limited government and putting the American people first have had to watch as states like California, New York, and Illinois have turned their cities into dystopian hellscapes and sent unhinged politicians to Washington DC to inflict their policies […]


The Obamacare Offer We Should Have Refused: the Big Insurance Con that Drives Up Your Drug Prices and Their Profits

By Rick Manning My doctor speculated that one day the mob would take over the health care business. Illegal drugs, prostitution, gambling rings, and the like only appeal to a small part of the population, but everyone needs to go to the doctor.  I think he was […]


Public Says Biden Is Weak And Predictable Not The Leader America Needs To Fix The Country

By Manzanita Miller    A giant new poll delving deep into the public’s views on President Biden, Former President Trump, the U.S. economy and their own economic situation reveals a people deeply unhappy with the direction of the country under President Biden.  First, the latest […]


5 Easy and Not So Easy Steps to Drain the Swamp

By Rick Manning For purposes of this article, The Swamp, is defined as the permanent bureaucracy which decides which regulations should be enforced, which ideas from the temporary political appointees should be scuttled or moved forward, who gets hired into the bureaucracy and the disbursement of federal […]


House GOP fight over border looms as continuing resolution hangs in the balance and deficit skyrockets past $1.5 trillion

By Robert Romano On Sept. 30, the fiscal year will end with more than a $1.5 trillion budget deficit as inflation continues to rip through the U.S. and global economy, leaving Congress with much undone as it relates to appropriations. Not a single appropriations bill has passed both chambers and been delivered […]


Biden’s Evaporating Support Among Minorities Can No Longer Be Ignored 

By Bill Wilson For years, organizations like Americans for Limited Government Foundation have been warning the political class about the working-class minority departure from the Democratic Party, and now that shift can no longer be ignored.   The beltway elite have largely written off incremental shifts among minorities […]


Biden’s Economic Record Has Cost Him Big with Women and Swing Voters

By Manzanita Miller   It’s no secret that President Biden’s polling numbers are not where Democrats hoped they would be at this point in the election cycle. Recent large, national polls have found Trump beating Biden by six points in the past two weeks, while […]


Cartoon: Swamp Keeper


Speaker McCarthy launches Biden impeachment inquiry, alleging Ukrainian bribes and ‘culture of corruption’

By Robert Romano “House Republicans have uncovered serious incredible allegations into President Biden’s conduct taken together these allegations paint a picture of a culture of corruption.” That was House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Sept. 12 announcing that he was directing the House committees on Oversight, Judiciary and Ways and […]


Poll: Biden disapproval skyrockets to 61 percent, loses to Trump in head-to-head matchup 47 percent to 46 percent

By Robert Romano President Joe Biden has a near-record 61 percent disapproval rating, and loses to former President Donald Trump 47 percent to 46 percent in the latest CNN-SSRS poll taken on Aug. 25 to Aug. 31 . Only 39 percent approve of his handling of Biden’s job and a remarkable 9 percent of Democrats say they’d rather vote […]

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