Populism, Conservativism and Trump. Has Trump Redefined What It means to be a True Conservative?   

By Manzanita Miller Former President Trump has no doubt altered the Republican Party since he entered the political arena in 2015, but he has also given rise to a new form of conservative populism that has yet to be captured entirely by polls and political […]


Cartoon: I Dream of Genie


Trump Up Big Over DeSantis with California Conservatives but DeSantis Has Slight Edge with Moderates

By Manzanita Miller After last week’s announcement by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that he is officially running against former President Trump for the GOP nomination, polls continue to show Trump ahead by wide margins, especially among strongly conservative voters.   A New UC Berkeley poll shows Trump ahead by eighteen percentage points […]


Debt Deal: Disaster or Disappointment?

By Rick Manning Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy came to a deal to slightly lower federal spending. You may read that projected federal government spending will decrease by $2.1 trillion over the next ten years. It won’t and it is not even close. As someone who has […]


Honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day

By William Warren


Assuming Younger Voters will be a Groundswell for DeSantis is Extremely Misguided – Younger Voters Overwhelmingly Choose Trump

By Manzanita Miller After months of hinting at a GOP primary run to challenge former President Trump for the presidency, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finally announced his campaign in a glitchy Twitter Spaces voice-stream with tech mogul and social commentator Elon Musk.   While the […]


DeSantis challenges for GOP presidential nomination: ‘I don’t think it has to be this way.’

By Robert Romano Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis tossed his hat into the ring for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination in an unusual Twitter Spaces announcement on May 24 on investor David Sacks’ Twitter account , stating, “I am running for President of the United States to lead our great American comeback.” Governor […]


Trump Officially Pulls Ahead of Biden with Double-Digit Lead with Independents and Suburbanites

By Manzanita Miller A new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll shows former President Trump leading President Biden by seven percentage points in a head-to-head matchup for the role of president in 2024, a reversal from previous months. The poll shows Trump with a double-digit lead among Independents […]


Biden: ‘I’m looking at the 14th Amendment… I think we have the authority’ to raise the debt ceiling without Congress

By Robert Romano “I’m looking at the Fourteenth Amendment, as to whether or not we have the authority.  I think we have the authority.” That was President Joe Biden in Hiroshima, Japan for the G7 meeting on May 21 at a press conference , outlining his view that the President of the United States somehow has the power to add as much new debt above the […]


Cartoon: Executive Decision

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