Manning: Biden’s ‘solutions’ don’t work

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a frequent guest on News Talk STL radio in St. Louis, MO. This week Rick and hosts Mike Ferguson and Ken Williams talked about Biden’s record of failure his first year in office. Host: President Biden just […]


Paul Report: Inflation hurts the most vulnerable the most

The Paul report points to the disparate impact that the Biden inflation cycle is having on people with fixed or lower incomes as items like used cars have gone up by 37 percent and the gasoline to fuel them by just shy of 50 percent […]


Manning: Bringing down high gas prices is essential to fighting inflation

We are going to continue to have supply chain problems until we get diesel prices under control.That is a massive driver in terms of really affecting the ability to get foreign goods from the field to the processing plant. Americans for Limited Government President Richard […]


Manning: Inflation is Biden’s tax on Americans

We’re beginning to enter that wage-price spiral and that is extremely difficult to get out of. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a weekly guest on the nationally syndicated Bill Martinez radio program. This week they talked about Biden’s out-of-control inflation. Bill Martinez: […]


Big Government seeks to end growing ‘gig’ economy which allows millions to pursue their passions while working flexibly

Gig workers choose freelance work for the flexibility and freedom it affords, and Democrats’ attempt to take that away could drive away key constituencies, including young people, urbanites, minorities, and immigrants.   By Catherine Mortensen My 24-year-old daughter has been in the workforce for less than a […]


Biden’s Economy: High inflation, high gas prices, empty shelves

Biden’s rejection of the free markets and capitalism is the reason he is failing. The only question is whether Americans will be waiting in bread lines before they demand that this administration stop their war on reliable energy and allow truckers to do their jobs. […]


The Way We Work is Changing For the Better!

There is a transformational shift occurring in America’s workforce and the battle over the gig economy may be the labor battle for the future.  But the nation’s headlines have completely missed the point about job growth and America’s post-pandemic return to work. By Richard Manning […]


Manning: We are witnessing a transformation of our labor markets in favor of individual freedom

What we have here is a massive growth, dynamic growth in the number of people who are employed. We see a dramatic drop in the number of people who are unemployed. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a weekly guest on the Michael […]


Manning in Washington Times: Raising minimum wage is attack on young people

“Higher wages could lead some businesses to hire more experienced workers than young people for entry-level work. It’s an attack on young people and their ability to learn how to work.” Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning was quoted in a Washington Times article […]


Cartoon: Worlds Apart

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