When a business dies, a dream dies with it  

 Losing restaurants is more than losing great food and ambience. It’s losing the dreams of the owners and their staff. By Frank McCaffrey  It was November of 2016 and I had just been flown down to the Rio Grande Valley on the southern tip of […]


Will new state lockdowns put 16 million jobs recovered since April in jeopardy?

By Robert Romano 16.4 million jobs have been recovered since April when labor markets bottomed amid the state-led Covid pandemic economic shutdowns, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But with Covid cases once again on the upswing as the cold and flu season kicks […]


Great Again: Trump economy grows record 33.1 percent in third quarter amid rapid recovery

By Robert Romano The U.S. economy blew the barn doors off all other past recoveries with a record, inflation-adjusted 33.1 percent gain in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) — more than any other quarter in economic history — in the last major economic report before the election in November. That is great news for the […]


Joe Biden wants to squeeze the middle class

By Catherine Mortensen When April Long, a 45-year old suburban mother in Detroit pays the family bills, she sets aside an extra $100 each month that she calls her “Trump cash.” That’s how much her family saves each month from the 2017 Trump tax cut. “Trump has […]


If Biden wins, he will shut down the country again, wreck the economy and cost millions more jobs

By Robert Romano “We can’t close up our nation, or you’re not going to have a nation.” That was President Donald Trump in the final presidential debate of 2020 , making his closing argument to the American people on reopening the economy and getting life back as close to normal as possible […]


It took the Obama-Biden economy more than three years to create a single new net job

By Robert Romano Former Vice President Joe Biden inherited a recession in 2009 when he and former President Barack Obama were elected in 2008, and if he wins this year, it will happen again. Although 14 million jobs have already been recovered from the state-led Covid pandemic economic […]


Biden’s Top 5 Job-Killing Policies

By Catherine Mortensen Under a Joe Biden presidency, millions of American workers would lose their jobs, families would struggle to pay higher taxes, and many would be forced into unions against their will.  At a time when millions of Americans are already struggling due to Covid-19 economic […]


5.4 million lose unemployment benefits since August as Pelosi puts politics above people

By Robert Romano More than 5.4 million Americans have lost unemployment assistance since mid-August as benefits have run out, according to data compiled by the Department of Labor, 55 percent of which are in states governed by Democratic governors. Small business relief , supporting 5.2 million small businesses and 50 million jobs, ran out on Aug. 8 and […]


Joe Biden glad hands autoworkers while stabbing them in the back

By Catherine Mortensen Bill Slater, a Delaware constituent of Joe Biden’s for 30 years, said it bugs him to see Biden glad handing autoworkers in his campaign ads because “Biden’s trade policies have destroyed their jobs.” As senator, Biden voted for the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which […]


Is herd immunity the key to opening schools and economy?

Controversial Covid declaration sparks heated debate over lockdowns By Catherine Mortensen As students close in on the first quarter of the school year, frustrated parents want to know when their students will return to school. Daily they are taking to social media to vent and seek answers. […]

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