Two Trillion More in Debt*

  By Rick Manning The professional point-missers in official Washington, D.C. are focused this week upon the supposed “looming government shutdown” declaring apocalyptic doom to anyone who will listen.  Fortunately, those who take these prognosticators of the status quo seriously are becoming few and far between. A […]


Fed holds rates amid inflation jumping, projects 4.1 percent unemployment for 2024

By Robert Romano The Federal Reserve on Sept. 20 held the federal funds rate steady at 5.25 percent to 5.5 percent amid inflation jumping in August to 3.7 percent annualized from 3.2 percent in July, stating that “[i]n determining the extent of additional policy firming that may be appropriate to return inflation to 2 percent over time, the Committee will take into […]


Bidenomics: Income decreases for every group except for single women, Blacks and Hispanics

By Robert Romano It is no mystery that the core demographics for the Democratic Party include single women, blacks and Hispanics. In 2020, Biden won unmarried women 63 percent to 36 percent over former President Donald Trump, blacks 87 percent to 12 percent and Latinos 65 percent […]


Worse off than 4 years ago: Household median income down 2.3 percent in 2022 to $74,580 as consumer inflation pops up to 3.7 percent in Aug. 2023

By Robert Romano Household median income took a major hit in 2022, dropping 2.3 percent to $74,580, amid high inflation that peaked at 9.1 percent annualized in June 2022, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau . The news comes as inflation is once again heating up in the U.S. economy, with consumer prices rising 3.7 percent annualized in August according to […]


America’s fertility crisis will only worsen with the college gender gap as U.S. follows Japan

By Robert Romano Declining fertility in advanced economies is nothing new. Since birth control was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1960, at the same time more women were entering the labor force and attending higher education, amid higher inflation, greater unemployment and a weaker […]


Labor Day 2023:  Transitioning Back To Work

By Rick Manning What is the state of the labor force in America on Labor Day 2023? It is transitioning. More and more employers who were previously embracing the work from home model are now demanding that employees come back to the office, and employees who like […]


Recession soon? Unemployment jumps to 3.8 percent after 514,000 more Americans say they cannot find a job.

By Robert Romano The national unemployment rate reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics jumped from 3.5 percent to 3.8 percent in August as an additional 514,000 Americans said they could not find work in the Bureau’s household survey. Now 6.3 million Americans are said to be unemployed, the highest in more than […]


States begin disenrolling ineligible Medicaid patients after 23 million were automatically added to Medicaid rolls during Covid as CMS pushes back on red states like Idaho

By Robert Romano As many as 23.3 million Americans were added to the Medicaid rolls since Feb. 2020 during the program’s continuous enrollment program passed by veto-proof margins in 2020 in the  Families First Coronavirus Response Act — whereby nobody was reevaluated on the basis of income during and after the Covid […]


Fed says ‘significant probability of a recession occurring by the end of 2024’ as presidential election looms

By Robert Romano The Federal Reserve is still placing a “significant probability of a recession occurring by the end of 2024,” according to the minutes of its July 25 to July 26 meeting of the Board of Governors that was released Aug. 16. “Respondents to the Open Market Desk’s Survey of Primary Dealers and Survey of Market Participants in July continued to […]


Inflation pops back up to 3.2 percent amid oil price jump and weakening dollar despite Inflation Reduction Act and Biden’s assurances

By Robert Romano Consumer inflation in the U.S. economy remained sticky in July as prices have climbed 3.2 percent the past twelve months, up from 3 percent in June, amid climbing oil prices and a weakening dollar, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor […]

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