US Economy: Boom or Bust?

By Rick Manning   Is the economy booming or is it riding a wave of paper money with no real underlying sustainability? That is the question which policy makers in Washington, DC should be considering. The truth is no one actually knows, but that is exactly why […]


Cartoon: Santa’s Little Helper


Pandemic winners and losers in terms of jobs losses and deaths

A new study confirms blue states such as New York and New Jersey had the worst outcomes, red states such as Utah and Idaho fared the best. By Catherine Mortensen A new study confirms that liberal blue states like New York and New Jersey had by far […]


ALG Joins Movement to Stop ‘Genocide’ Games in Beijing

We should not reward the Chinese Communist Party with the honor of hosting the Olympic Games. The CCP’s horrific human rights record is a hideous betrayal of the world’s finest athletes who seek to compete in the noble spirit of the Olympic Charter. By Catherine Mortensen Americans […]


Who is really going to get stuck paying Biden’s higher corporate taxes?

Politicians would have you believe that “big business meanies” and the Richie Riches of the world will pay Biden’s higher taxes. But the truths is, taxes are not necessarily borne by whomever statutorily pays the tax. By Catherine Mortensen A new study by the Heritage Foundation finds that Joe […]


Inflation pops to 2.6 percent last 12 months on oil and energy as Covid printing press runs on overdrive

The recovery is already occurring, we don’t need more stimulus. By Robert Romano The Consumer Price Index has predictably jumped up 2.6 percent the past twelve months, and up 0.6 percent in the month of March alone as oil, gasoline and piped natural gas prices have rallied, […]


Biden must enforce the 2020 Trump trade deal with China to keep Beijing in check

By Robert Romano China increased purchases of U.S. goods in 2020 by 17.1 percent to $124.7 billion , U.S. Census data shows , the highest since 2017, following the U.S.-China trade deal that was brokered by former President Donald Trump in Jan. 2020 right before the Covid outbreak. After a slow start amid the pandemic […]


Democrats want recurring payments in $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill—is this the beginning of universal income?

If you tell people they can stay home and still earn money, unsurprisingly, many will do just that, given the incentive for people to stay home, millions Americans will respond by ceasing labor participation. By Robert Romano As Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) moves to double […]


The national debt skyrocketed $4.96 trillion since Jan. 2020, so why are interest rates still relatively low?

As long as demand for the treasuries remain constant, we don’t have skyrocketing interest rates or a sovereign debt crisis — for now. By Robert Romano In 2020, as the global economy was shutting down, markets were reeling and governments were organizing a response to the Covid […]


Treasury Secretary Yellen’s push for a global minimum corporate tax undermines free markets and hurts developing nations

“The corporate income tax is the least efficient tax base, and it makes sense for countries that want to attract investment and improve their standard of living by cutting their corporate taxes.” By Catherine Mortensen A leading corporate tax policy expert said Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s push […]

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