Biden’s DoD Celebrates Women’s Equality Day With Fun Run, While Afghan Women Run for Their Lives

American-allied Afghan women are running for their lives while the Pentagon is hosting a fun run for privileged American women. By Richard Manning According to a story in the Washington Free Beacon ,  as millions of Afghan women are abandoned to subjugation and torture at the hands of […]


Cartoon: Frequent Liar Miles


States and counties fight back against Biden’s globalist land grab scheme

Biden issues executive order calling for 30 percent of U.S.  lands and waters to be off limits for productive use. By Catherine Mortensen One of President Joe Biden’s first acts as president was to sign an executive order that went almost completely unnoticed. The so-called Thirty By Thirty initiative calls for […]


Biden’s embrace of green energy threatens America’s energy independence

Biden’s policies are fueling rising energy costs and giving more power to unfriendly nations. By David Potter The investment into solar and electric over the past two decades has been enormous, but the demand for energy continues to outpace the supply of these alternative sources. […]


California’s Energy Woes: A Cautionary Tale for America

No one can miss the irony of Californians finding themselves stuck at home just as they are finally ending their draconian pandemic restrictions due to their equally draconian energy production regulations. By Rick Manning According to Newsweek , as temperatures hit triple digits during California’s heat wave last […]


Cartoon: Putin’s Puppet


Cartoon: Buyer’s Remorse


Paris climate accord flops as China increases carbon emissions more than rest of the world reduces them

While America has been busily shuttering coal fired utilities, China has stomped down on the accelerator in increasing coal fired electricity generation.  By Rick Manning President Joe Biden’s blind re-entry into the fatally flawed Paris Climate Accord in January was little more than a promise to unilaterally […]


Biden threatens American energy while Beijing is waiting in the wings

Despite Biden’s claim to be “tough” on China, his actions against American energy are playing right into the Communist Party’s hands. By Richard Manning China’s economy is emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic better than ever while America’s economy looks to regain its footing after an […]


Texas hasn’t expanded baseline electricity generation capacity in a decade, boosted wind and solar instead

Does the state’s 20 percent ownership rule, which prevents any company from owning more than 20 percent of power generating capacity in a region, create a potential perverse disincentive and bar operators from expanding thermal capacity? By Robert Romano The catastrophic blizzard and power outage in Texas […]

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