Cartoon: Putin’s Puppet


Cartoon: Buyer’s Remorse


Paris climate accord flops as China increases carbon emissions more than rest of the world reduces them

While America has been busily shuttering coal fired utilities, China has stomped down on the accelerator in increasing coal fired electricity generation.  By Rick Manning President Joe Biden’s blind re-entry into the fatally flawed Paris Climate Accord in January was little more than a promise to unilaterally […]


Biden threatens American energy while Beijing is waiting in the wings

Despite Biden’s claim to be “tough” on China, his actions against American energy are playing right into the Communist Party’s hands. By Richard Manning China’s economy is emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic better than ever while America’s economy looks to regain its footing after an […]


Texas hasn’t expanded baseline electricity generation capacity in a decade, boosted wind and solar instead

Does the state’s 20 percent ownership rule, which prevents any company from owning more than 20 percent of power generating capacity in a region, create a potential perverse disincentive and bar operators from expanding thermal capacity? By Robert Romano The catastrophic blizzard and power outage in Texas […]


Texans Dealing with gas shortages similar to Carter-era gas lines

Many Americans are wondering if Biden is Carter all over again. By Frank McCaffrey In parts of Texas where Texas are not dealing with crippling cold temperatures and power outages, many are dealing with gas stations that have no gas.  They also have long lines […]


What America can learn from Texas’s green energy failure

“It is a cautionary tale of a system that is being messed around with by politicians who I wouldn’t let screw in a light bulb in my house.” By Catherine Mortensen As millions of Texans remain without power, many are wondering if renewable energy sources are to […]


Crushing West Virginia jobs is an American tragedy

By Frank McCaffrey Vice President Kamala Harris recently gave an interview to a local West Virginia TV station to discuss the Biden administration’s job-killing energy policies. The WSAZ anchor brought up an important issue for her state when talking to the vice president. “People win […]


Biden doubles down on failed Solyndra green energy jobs

John Kerry, Joe Biden’s new Climate Envoy, tells oil and gas workers to retrain for solar jobs that pay less than half of what they make now. By Catherine Mortensen President Joe Biden’s new Climate Envoy, former Sen. John Kerry, is telling high-wage workers in the oil and gas industry, whose […]


Keystone XL Pipeline stopped while immigration detainees released

  By Frank McCaffrey Today we look at an action taken on the first day of the Biden administration to rescind a permit on the Keystone XL pipeline, put forth by the Trump administration. Now this is a move that costs tens of thousands of […]

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