Cartoon: Redhanded

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Manning on Real America’s Voice News: America can’t be doing business with China

I hope every governor follows the lead of Gov. Ron DeSantis and looks seriously at divesting their state pension funds from China. U.S. pension funds have no business being invested in slave labor and in a country that want to destroy us. Americans for Limited […]


Biden Drops Ball on Electromagnetic Pulse Security

Just as President Biden is neglecting our physical southern border, he’s also neglecting our proverbial atmospheric and electromagnetic “borders.”  And our nation as a whole, regardless of political party registration or ideology, is less safe as a result. By Christian D. Orr Whether one loves […]


African nations want help building infrastructure, not climate change lectures

“Africans have a right to use reliable, cheap energy, and doing so doesn’t prevent the development of the continent’s renewables. Forcing Africa down one route will hinder our fight against poverty.” – Yoweri K. Museveni, President of Uganda By Catherine Mortensen Next week’s meeting in Glasgow, Scotland […]


Cartoon: Bombshells


Cartoon: Art of Diplomacy


Calling Out the NBA’s Ongoing China Slave Problem

“The NBA’s partnership with the Chinese Communist Party is at its core corrupt. They serve as little more than front men for a repressive regime which stands against everything the woke association purports to believe.” By Catherine Mortensen Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) has debuted a new video […]


Cartoon: Powerlifter


ALG Joins Movement to Stop ‘Genocide’ Games in Beijing

We should not reward the Chinese Communist Party with the honor of hosting the Olympic Games. The CCP’s horrific human rights record is a hideous betrayal of the world’s finest athletes who seek to compete in the noble spirit of the Olympic Charter. By Catherine Mortensen Americans […]


U.S. Congressman Accused of Stashing $250K in Chinese Bank

By Frank McGaffrey Record from the U.S. House of Representatives have been very revealing about Democratic Congressman Vicente Gonzalez in Texas. Americans for Limited Government has learned he had a hefty bank account with the Bank of China over the last three years, the account […]

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