African nations want help building infrastructure, not climate change lectures

“Africans have a right to use reliable, cheap energy, and doing so doesn’t prevent the development of the continent’s renewables. Forcing Africa down one route will hinder our fight against poverty.” – Yoweri K. Museveni, President of Uganda By Catherine Mortensen Next week’s meeting in Glasgow, Scotland […]


Welcome to the anti-Paris Climate Accord club, John Kerry!

“If the United States went to zero [carbon emissions] tomorrow, we’d still have a problem. If China went to zero tomorrow, we’d still have a problem.” – Climate Czar, John Kerry By Catherine Mortensen Americans for Limited Government would like to welcome John Kerry, President Joe Biden’s […]


Environmental radicals are burning the west

By Printus LeBlanc California is once again on fire. The Mendocino Complex fire, south of Redding and the Carr fire, is now the largest wildfire in California history. The blaze is giving firefighters trouble, as it has leapt across barriers, natural and man-made, burning more than 280,000 acres so far . Many […]


The federal government needs to prosecute grant fraud

By Printus LeBlanc Every year, the federal government gives out billions of taxpayer dollars through dozens of federal agencies to study man-made climate change. It has become a cottage industry supporting hundreds of “scientists” around the world. Their research has led to countless federal agency regulations costing the U.S. economy thousands of jobs […]


Scott Pruitt is bringing transparency to the EPA; why is the Church of Man-made Climate Change angry about that?

By Printus LeBlanc Earlier this week Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt announced a policy change that is driving several “scientists” mad. Pruitt announced the EPA would no longer use “science” from outside groups that refuse to share data. This has become a problem […]


Never let a crisis go to waste

By Printus LeBlanc President Obama’s first Chief of Staff in the White House, now Mayor of the war zone Chicago, famously said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think […]


The Church of Man-Made Climate Change on trial

By Printus LeBlanc A little-known court case is taking place in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver. This case involves two scientists and two set of graphs. One of the graphs is very famous, and the basis for every man-made climate change believer’s […]


Both parties are fractured, but on energy, each is unified

By Marita Noon There is no shortage of news stories touting the splits within each party. The Democrat divide is, as NBC News sees it, between dreamers and doers — with the International Business Times (IBT) calling it: “a civil war over the party’s ideological future.” The Boston Globe declares that […]


On Obama’s Alaska trip, where were the polar bears?

By Marita Noon Am I the only one who finds it incongruous that President Obama, when on a carefully choreographed trip to Alaska, even manning his own Instagram account to engage young people, to spotlight the effects of global warming — which he says is happening “right now” — announced the […]


Polar ice caps stable since 1979

By Rick Manning 1979 is a very important year in global warming science. It was also the last year the Washington NBA franchise went to the finals, and Pittsburgh ruled the sports world with the We Are Family Pirates winning the World Series and the Steelers defeating […]

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