Is the Deep State manipulating security clearances?

By Rick Manning In the initial days of the Trump administration, there were a few stories floating around about security clearance issues within the new administration. Upon further investigation, it seems some in government are using the security clearance process to keep out people it doesn’t want […]


Trump Puts an End to Taxpayer Subsidies for Unions, Saving $100 Million

By Rick Manning Government employee unions have enjoyed an absolute boondoggle in recent years, receiving hundreds of millions in taxpayer funds. But the boon could soon be over thanks to a new executive order from President Donald Trump. Last Friday, the president signed an executive order requiring […]


What is causing teen school violence?

By Rick Manning The world seems to be an upside down place. The latest example is the former Education Secretary Arne Duncan suggesting that no one goes to school in some kind of perverse strike until Congress “does something” about school violence.  Of course, “doing something” is […]


Raul Labrador has earned your vote to be Governor of Idaho

By Rick Manning Raul Labrador will make a great Governor of Idaho. I know because I have watched him represent Idaho in Congress. I have seen Raul Labrador stand firm against national GOP leaders and fight for conservative principles when every political benefit said stop fighting. I […]


Give President Trump the Power to Negotiate Sugar Subsidies Away

By Rick Manning “President Trump believes that American food producers have not been treated the fairly on international stage and has committed to levelling the playing field for America’s farmers.” That’s one of the clear statements contained within last month’s White House  report  titled, “What You Need To […]


Coup by intimidation: The Swamp fights back

By Rick Manning On May 2, the Daily Caller reported, “House Democrat Warns Trump Team: You’ll End Up ‘Sullied’ Like Ronny Jackson,” writing, “Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen warned on Wednesday that members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle will end up ‘sullied’ like former White House physician Adm. […]


Mike Pompeo is already a successful peacemaker. Democrats ought to support him.

By Rick Manning A casual observer might be surprised to learn that Mike Pompeo is in the midst of a confirmation battle to become President Trump’s secretary of state. After all, he’s already conducting high-stakes diplomatic negotiations for the United States. On Monday afternoon, the Senate Foreign […]


Mulvaney Brings Law and Order to the CFPB

By Rick Manning Mick Mulvaney, the acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is bringing responsibility and transparency to his agency – so of course he is under attack by Democrats. The brainchild of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the CFPB purportedly exists to shield consumers from […]


If the President doesn’t want to sign another bad omnibus bill, he must act now

By Rick Manning President Trump declared he would never sign another stinker government funding bill like the omnibus again, yet many in Washington, D.C. expect the legislative funding game to be played exactly the same way this upcoming September. It doesn’t have to be, and if the […]


The left is going crazy over the Andrew McCabe firing, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions got it exactly right

By Rick Manning Former Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Andrew McCabe has been fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the left is going crazy. McCabe’s firing was recommended by the FBI’s internal career civil service run Office of Professional Responsibility, and the Attorney General […]

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