Rick Manning

Rick Manning is the President Americans for Limited Government and can be reached at rmanning@getliberty.org. A long time public affairs professional, Rick served as the Public Affairs Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Labor during the George W. Bush Administration, where he was twice recognized by the Secretary for Exceptional Achievement.

Born and raised in southern California, Rick graduated from the University of Southern California working his way through school running political campaigns.

Shortly thereafter, he became a state lobbyist for the National Rifle Association for nine years responsible for the southeastern United States, Maryland and New Jersey. At NRA, Rick worked closely with local groups to pass the groundbreaking concealed carry law in Florida which has subsequently served as a national model.

A veteran of dozens of corporate communications and grassroots campaigns, Manning has emerged as a leading voice in the conservative community with columns appearing in The Hill, Investor’s Business Daily, FoxNews.com and other major publications across the nation.

A resident of Maryland where he is a former town council member locally, Rick is active in his local church and is married to his college sweetheart.

Rick Manning

Trump should end political junk science regulations by restoring scientific transparency to regulatory process

By Rick Manning Earlier this week I joined about twenty of my conservative colleagues in Washington, D.C. and around the country in signing a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to sign an Executive Order mandating “full transparency of all scientific data and studies used to justify all […]


It’s Texas time in border fight as Lone Star State called on to declare emergency, too

By Rick Manning Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) got it 100 percent correct when in response to President Donald trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the southern border he suggested that the state of Texas “should also consider a similar declaration” of national emergency due to the illegal […]


Imagine no freedom, it’s easy if you try

By Rick Manning Everyone is talking about the Green New Deal, and how it would end domestic airline travel, the internal combustion engine, fossil fuel usage, most electricity generation and even ban cow flatulence. You have groups guessing what the cost of the Green New Deal would […]


Trump economy roars ahead with 296,000 new private sector jobs created in January

By Rick Manning Washington D.C. economy watchers were holding their collective breaths waiting for the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics to release its January surveys measuring individual employment and business hiring reports and the results were somewhat predictable. A huge gain in jobs created in the […]


Observations from a very bizarre week in Washington, D.C….

By Rick Manning Point One: Senators Tom Cotton and Mike Lee made the right decision to oppose the funding bill offered by Majority Leader McConnell on Thursday, January 24th which included money for the wall for three reasons: First, it was a show vote that was not […]


Inflation is low, real wages are up — Washington, D.C. needs to butt out on minimum wage

  By Rick Manning As originally published at Investor’s Business Daily. It is official. Inflation for 2018 settled in at 1.9 percent  for the year, with just 0.8 percent of that in the final six months of the year.  Real wages for 2018 increased measured against inflation increased by $4.39 a week. This means that if inflation […]


True Trump legacy renewed economy, restored hope

By Rick Manning Amidst all of the focus on the partial government shutdown and the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border, the fact that President Trump has now been in office for a full two years cannot be lost, and quite a two years it […]


Trump Attorney General nominee Bill Barr: Swamp master or destroyer?

By Rick Manning As originally published at Foxnews.com. Will Democrats find a way to obstruct his confirmation or will it be smooth sailing? GOP strategist Chris Turner weighs in. The Senate Judiciary Committee opens its confirmation hearing Tuesday for former Attorney General William Barr to become attorney general again. Is there no […]


The D.C. swamp demands to be paid before American lives are protected on the southern border

By Rick Manning The hardest part about any government shut down is that it is generally about a relatively abstract, but critical principle, while the negative impacts are somewhat immediately felt. In Washington, D.C., the federal government is the only employer who truly matters. While the federal […]


Time for Congress to put nation’s security first at the border, call (202) 224-3121!

By Rick Manning After President Donald Trump’s national address on the crisis at the nation’s southern border, it is stunning that the Democrats in Congress refuse to provide the basic border security tools, including a steel barrier that covers the top ten places that the Border Patrol […]


President Trump is not backing down as he ups border ante in prime-time speech

By Rick Manning The nation’s borders are both a national security and a humanitarian crisis and President Donald Trump is not backing down on his demand that the southern border be secured.  Tonight, the President will make that clear and those Democrats who are demanding that the […]


Trump economic boom continues with 4.8 million new jobs since Jan. 2017

By Rick Manning The latest job numbers are in and they’re great news for America, showing that the American economy remains robust with 312,000 jobs created, and average job gains for the past three months totaling an incredible 254,000. The left-wing media has been desperately trying to talk down the Trump […]


Battle over securing border is about whether the U.S. can defend its borders at all

By Rick Manning The battle over securing the southern border is bigger than any wall.  It is about whether our nation will actually defend its borders against an unconventional invasion — one designed to play on our heartstrings through the inclusion of women and children — but […]


Credit cards don’t kill people, either

By Rick Manning The New York Times unleashed a Christmas Eve “investigative” report on the use of credit cards by sick individuals who committed mass murders over the past ten years.  Their lead example was Omar Mateen who attacked the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando in a fit of Islamic jihad rage aimed […]


President Trump needs to hold firm on the wall, shutdown

By Rick Manning Click here to urge Congress to build the wall now! President Donald Trump needs to hold firm on $5 billion of funding for the southern border wall. At the beginning of 2017, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell defined fully funding the wall at $12 billion to $15 billion . The President’s current budget request for $5 billion for the southern border wall is a dramatic compromise from the amount originally […]

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