Sen. Tim Scott is right, it’s time to stop moving the goalposts and reopen America now

By Richard McCarty Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) is right. On Tuesday, he noted that “we didn’t set out to keep quarantines in place until we found a safe and effective vaccine. That would take too long… We are too often presented with a false dichotomy — either saving […]


Cartoon: Bitter Clinger


Did China hide the coronavirus to help get the U.S.-China trade deal done?

By Robert Romano The COVID-19 pandemic began in Wuhan, China in early December and may have been the result of an accident at a virology lab there. And according to a “Five Eyes” intelligence report quoted by the Australian newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, China hid the truth from […]


This is what it looks like when you shoot the economy in the head

By Robert Romano 25.4 million Americans have lost their jobs since February through mid-April, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports — 17.3 million who are unemployed, and another 8.1 million who have left the labor force completely — in response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic as Americans sit home and wait it out. Although the Bureau tabulates a […]


Another 3.1 million apply for initial unemployment as economy poised to reopen, more than 33.5 million in total since March, but how long will it keep going up?

By Robert Romano Another 3.169 million Americans applied for initial unemployment claims last week, the Department of Labor reports, as the total now runs up to 33.5 million who have lost their jobs in the government-directed closures of the U.S. economy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to save as […]


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Small business owners call for ending the shutdown before it’s too late

By Richard McCarty Over the past six weeks, over 30 million people have applied for unemployment in the U.S. As depressing as these numbers are, it is highly unlikely that the hemorrhaging has stopped. The federal loan fund known as the Paycheck Protection Program was established to […]


Economy contracted 4.8 percent in the first quarter as job losses top 30 million in a little over a month in bid to stop the virus

By Robert Romano The U.S. economy contracted by a massive, inflation-adjusted 4.8 percent in the first quarter according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis as job losses topped 30.3 million with another 3.8 million initial unemployment insurance claims in the federal and state governments’ bids to stop the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Factor in the 5.8 […]


Virginia protesters call for the reopening of the Commonwealth economy—before it’s too late

By Richard McCarty Virginia’s capital should be getting used to conservative protests by now. For the third time this year, conservatives flocked to Richmond to protest last week. In January, conservatives assembled to support the Second Amendment and oppose anti-gun legislation. The following month, conservatives rallied in […]


Unemployment just getting started if interest rates are any indication as President Trump eyes big phase four to reopen America

By Robert Romano The unemployment rate will likely continue rising as the spread between the 10-year treasury on one side, and the 2-year and 3-month treasuries on the other, continue rising over the next weeks and months, an analysis of interest rates over the past four recession […]

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