It will take more than a partial government shutdown to cause a recession

By Robert Romano As the partial government shutdown enters day 27, the longest in U.S. history, Congressional Democrats still refuse to even discuss funding the President’s proposed southern border wall expansion. And now, some analysts are warning that if the shutdown continues, it could lead to recession. […]


Don’t flinch on China and the trade deficit, Mr. President

By Robert Romano Good news from the trade war front. As high-level talks continue between U.S. and Chinese trade officials, on Jan. 8, President Donald Trump tweeted , “Talks with China are going very well!” Similarly, a Chinese official told the Wall Street Journal that the talks have been “constructive.” Certainly, that’s news I think everyone […]


Trump economic boom continues with 4.8 million new jobs since Jan. 2017

By Rick Manning The latest job numbers are in and they’re great news for America, showing that the American economy remains robust with 312,000 jobs created, and average job gains for the past three months totaling an incredible 254,000. The left-wing media has been desperately trying to talk down the Trump […]


The end of QE? What has the Fed been waiting for?

By Robert Romano The Federal Reserve has dumped an eye-popping $343 billion of U.S. treasuries and mortgage-backed securities since it began its policy normalization program in Sept. 2017 . $116 billion of that, or more than a third, has been since Sept. 2018 as the nation’s central bank has begun to accelerate its program. At the same time, the Fed […]


The stock market would have corrected even without U.S.-China trade fears

  By Robert Romano To hear the financial media tell the story, one of the only factors to consider in the stock market’s recent turbulence is President Donald Trump and his trade agenda. “Dow plunges 799 points on trade, slowdown fears,” CNN Business reported last week. “Trump’s Tariff Tweets Help Create Turmoil In The Markets,” declared Forbes.com. “’Tariff Man’ Trump’s China Tweets, Recession Fears, Push Dow Down 800 Points,” Yahoo! Finance suggested. As if the U.S. […]


Bob Lighthizer is ‘General Patton in the trade world,’ right guy to lead trade talks with China

By Natalia Castro While some have been critical of President Donald Trump’s use of tariffs to win the trade war with China, one analyst is arguing these tariffs have been one of many tools used by the Trump administration to push China to comply with […]


Trump takes hard line on China, NAFTA at G20

By Robert Romano President Donald Trump is giving China three months to change its act on trade and treat America fairly, or the current 10 percent tariffs on $200 billion of goods will rise to 25 percent. That would come atop another 25 percent tariff on $50 […]


Cartoon: Breaking barriers


26 percent of able-bodied food stamps recipients already work, so why couldn’t Congress mandate a work requirement?

By Robert Romano The conference committee for H.R. 2, the farm bill, has stripped out its additional work requirements as a condition for collecting food stamps from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The provision would have required able-bodied adults to work a minimum of 20 hours a week starting in 2021 […]


Trump economy may still have some juice left in it, but watch out for the next recession

By Robert Romano Are we nearing the end of the business cycle? The third quarter Gross Domestic Product remained unchanged at an inflation-adjusted, annualized 3.5 percent growth in the latest estimate from the Bureau of Economic Analysis . And although growth may be slowing down — the second quarter had 4.2 percent growth — the economy […]

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