False promise of universal basic income won’t fix Chicago—or anywhere else

By Natalia Castro Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants one more chance to reduce poverty in his city before he completes his final term. Emanuel is expected to take a bold step toward universal basic income by assembling a task force to consider providing Chicago families with a […]


Great Economic News Bedevils Trump Detractors

By Rick Manning The incredibly positive economic data that keeps coming out from both private and public sector sources leads to one overriding question: Will the Trump economic detractors ever get tired of being wrong? Over the course of the past six months, we have heard how […]


This economy belongs to Trump, not Obama. Here’s why.

By Robert Romano You got to give former President Barack Obama credit, at least he’s consistent. When he came into office, the economy was in a deep recession that began when financial markets crashed in 2008, and, he said, he was blameless for the 8 million job […]


Amazon: The World’s Most Dangerous Crony Capitalist

By Rick Manning As originally published at PJMedia.com. The bedrock of American commerce – and of the broader capitalist experiment – has always been competition.  If you can build a better mousetrap, invent a longer-lasting light bulb or more efficiently churn out widgets (or in this case, clichés), odds are your endeavor […]


Second quarter GDP upgraded to 4.2 percent as Trump economy booms, magic number for third quarter is now 3.98 percent

By Robert Romano The second quarter Gross Domestic Product was upgraded by the Bureau of Economic Analysis to 4.2 percent inflation-adjusted, annualized growth, great news for the American people — and bringing the economy one step closer to restoring robust growth. The U.S. economy has not grown above 4 percent since 2000, and not […]


Is the Blue Wave washing away the left’s chances?

By Printus LeBlanc The mainstream media and political left appear to be right about the “Blue Wave.” Since the election of President Trump, the left has become energized like never before, but after a slew of primary elections across the country, it is clear the blue wave […]


ALG President Rick Manning pens letter to DOJ Antitrust Division

The Honorable Makan Delrahim Assistant Attorney General Antitrust Division Dear Mr. Delrahim: We share your concerns about the harms of so-called “vertical integration” in the video industry and applaud your willingness to address those harms by seeking to block the AT&T/Time Warner merger. When a […]


Elizabeth Warren’s latest attempt to end capitalism

C/O Legal Insurrection By Printus LeBlanc Senator Elizabeth Warren likes to paint herself as a warrior for the little guy and for those that don’t have the money to hire lobbyists in Washington D.C. That may be the image she wishes to portray to the voters ahead of the 2020 […]


China’s long-term strategy against the United States

By Printus LeBlanc Introduction Two world powers are on a collision course, the United States, and China. For now, the U.S. is the dominant world power, but China is fast approaching economic and military parity. That parity is more likely to bring the two nations closer to […]


NYU attempts to solve doctor problem Obamacare helped create

C/O Legal Insurrection By Natalia Castro More big government policies should not be the answer to problems created by big government. Yet that is exactly what New York University is trying to do. The New York University (NYU) School of Medicine announced last week that it would offer a full tuition scholarship to […]

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