New AT&T-Verizon partnership raises antitrust eyebrows

By Rick Manning AT&T/Time Warner recently announced that they were entering into an agreement worth approximately $9 million with Verizon to manage their email services and web portal. While the news may have only been noticed in Buffalo, N.Y., the hometown of the company that lost the […]


Did anyone notice that the 10-year, 2-year un-inverted, forestalling recession fears?

By Robert Romano Don’t look now, but if you were planning on a severe recession and a spike in unemployment before the 2020 elections in the hopes it would help oust President Donald Trump, you might have to keep waiting. The spread between 10-year and 2-year treasuries , the one that […]


Lowest black unemployment in American history at 5.5 percent makes the 2019 Trump economy the most equitable ever

By Robert Romano In 2016, when President Donald Trump was campaigning to black Americans, the appeal he made was a simple one, “What have you got to lose?” The answer was nothing, and as it turns out, there was a whole lot to gain, including the best […]


Jobs report blows away recession fears as Trump economy continues to soar

By Rick Manning There were fewer people unemployed in America in August 2019 than there were in August 1975 when we were just shy of 69 million fewer people in the economy. I graduated from Norco High School in 1975. I am now eligible to collect Social […]


Trump is right, the strong dollar is hurting U.S. goods exports, data shows. Here’s what he, the Fed and Treasury can do about it.

By Robert Romano Financial media were quick to report a slowdown in manufacturing, that found the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) dropping below 50 and to its lowest level since Jan. 2016. Anything below 50 indicates a contraction. Looking for the culprit in the slowdown? Some publications attributed the slowdown […]


President Trump’s trade war on China is a moral and economic fight for the future of the world

By Rick Manning Ask yourself if you were President, what would you do if you discovered that a foreign country has been waging an underground war against the nation you are sworn to protect surreptitiously killing tens of thousands of your people every year by pouring a […]


What can Trump, the Fed and Congress do to get ahead of the curve on the next recession before it happens?

By Robert Romano If you buy into the idea of a business cycle, the economy is a lot like a forest that grows, prospers, becomes large and then, with the right conditions, usually a drought or a lightning strike, is cleansed by a great fire — a […]


Should the Federal Reserve tank the economy to hurt President Trump in the 2020 election? One former Fed governor thinks so.

By Robert Romano Former New York Federal Reserve President Bill Dudley wrote an oped on Bloomberg saying that “the election itself falls within the Fed’s purview,” and that the central bank ought to do whatever it takes to make certain President Donald Trump loses the 2020 presidential election. […]


Trump isolates China by making deals with the rest of the world

By Rick Manning China and the United States traded punches last week in the ongoing trade dispute, after China announced tariff increases on $75 billion of U.S. agricultural and other goods. The Trump administration responded by ending a delay in the imposition of U.S. tariffs on $300 […]


Cartoon: Taking Sides

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