Robert Romano

Robert Romano is the Vice President of Public Policy at Americans for Limited Government and can be reached at He grew up in a suburban Long Island township. He studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stony Brook University with the Class of 2008. In his free time, he composes music on piano, paints oil on canvas, and writes fiction.

Robert lives in Virginia, is married and is a father of two.

Robert Romano

NAFTA no more as President Trump wins USMCA passage in Senate, keeps signature campaign promise to put America first on trade

By Robert Romano A little more than a year after President Donald Trump promised to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) if Congress did not adopt the USMCA — on Dec. 1, 2018, he said , “I’ll be terminating it within a relatively short period of time.  We get rid […]


Art of the Deal: Trump secures historic trade deal with China, leaves tariffs up just in case, proving trade critics wrong yet again

By Robert Romano President Donald Trump has once again done the impossible and secured a phase one trade agreement with China that leaves existing tariffs of 25 percent on $250 billion of goods and another 7.5 percent on the remaining $300 billion of goods. Both of those things […]


President Trump is overseeing the best peacetime labor market and economy in modern history as 2020 election looms

By Robert Romano With 3.5 percent unemployment , the lowest since 1969 when U.S. involvement the Vietnam War was still at its height, and 6.7 million jobs created since Jan. 2017 — President Donald Trump is presently overseeing the best peacetime labor market conditions in modern history. And it could get even better, the […]


Iranian terrorist general would still be dead under Senate resolution on use of force

By Robert Romano Iranian general Qasem Soleimani would still have been a legitimate military target in Iraq under a resolution proposed by Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), that on the surface promises to limit the use of force but in reality simply accepts the status quo of U.S. forces […]


House Democrats are still afraid to submit impeachment articles to the Senate

By Robert Romano “If the House ever musters the courage to stand behind their slapdash work product and transmit their impeachment to the Senate, it will be time for the United States Senate to fulfill our founding purpose. [But] [w]e can’t hold a trial without the articles. […]


Experts predicted Trump trade recession in 2016 if he won, instead the opposite happened

By Robert Romano Remember Smoot-Hawley. That was the rallying cry of #NeverTrump all throughout 2016, that if elected, President Donald Trump would levy tariffs and the world would fall into recession, or maybe even another Great Depression. Because the Smoot-Hawley tariffs were the cause of the Great […]


The Senate should just proceed to the impeachment trial whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ready or not

By Robert Romano Does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have a heretofore unnoticed, unconstitutional power to hold up an impeachment that has already been voted on? That appears to be what she wants the American people to believe. That, articles of impeachment passed by the House, including […]


House Democrats impeach President Trump for pausing military assistance to Ukraine as the witch hunt continues

By Robert Romano House Democrats have voted to impeach President Donald Trump under the unproven premise that he leveraged $391 million of U.S. military and security assistance to Ukraine in exchange for investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and the corrupt natural gas firm Burisma his son worked […]


It’s not up to the Senate to make the House’s case for impeaching President Trump on the House’s behalf

By Robert Romano By far the most laughable “charge”—if we can call it that since it’s not a crime—of the Articles of Impeachment House Democrats have brought against President Donald Trump is the silly “obstruction of Congress” charge. Here, Democrats are complaining that in the pursuit of their quest to […]


Comey would spy on the Trump campaign on fake Russia charges all over again knowing what he knows now

By Robert Romano Another key takeaway from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuses by the Justice Department, FBI and intelligence agencies against President Donald Trump and his campaign in 2016 is that no attempt was made to corroborate allegations […]


‘Abuse of power’ and ‘obstruction of Congress’ are not high crimes or misdemeanors, bribery or treason

By Robert Romano “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” That is Article II, Section 4 of the Federal Constitution, outlining what a case for impeachment is […]


Trump threatens to ‘snapback’ tariffs on China if Beijing breaks new trade deal, keeps all options on the table

By Robert Romano U.S. and China trade negotiators once again have a deal in principle on a first stage trade agreement , just days before a Dec. 15 deadline when President Donald Trump had threatened to further increase tariffs on Chinese goods. This would be about the third time such an agreement […]


The FBI knew Carter Page was a CIA agent reporting on Russians in Aug. 2016, but hid it from the FISA court to get spying warrant on Trump

By Robert Romano Former Trump foreign policy campaign advisor Carter Page was a U.S. agent who reported on Russians to the CIA, not a Russian agent, a memorandum the FBI received as early as Aug. 2016 shows according to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report detailing abuses […]


The FBI did not interview sources of Steele dossier that falsely accused Trump of being a Russian agent until Jan. 2017, after FISA warrant was renewed

By Robert Romano The FBI did not begin the process of validating information from former British spy Christopher Steele that was used as the basis for false Justice Department and intelligence agency allegations that President Donald Trump and his campaign were Russian agents until Jan. 2017 when it began interviewing Steele’s sources, months after […]


Trump workfare reforms of food stamps will boost economic empowerment, lower unemployment even further

By Robert Romano Long-awaited changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) being unveiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Trump administration are once again making obtaining work a key emphasis of the program by conforming to statutory requirements that single, work capable people with no dependents between the ages of 18 and […]

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