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Robert Romano is the Vice President of Public Policy at Americans for Limited Government and can be reached at He grew up in a suburban Long Island township. He studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stony Brook University with the Class of 2008. In his free time, he composes music on piano, paints oil on canvas, and writes fiction.

Robert lives in Virginia, is married and is a father of two.

Robert Romano

Facebook restores Candace Owens’ page after suspension, claims it was ‘an error’

By Robert Romano Candace Owens’ Facebook page has been restored after a brief suspension after she made a post that liberal policies encourage black fatherless households that contribute to black poverty rates. And now Facebook is claiming it was all a mistake. When reached for comment during the suspension, Facebook […]


Trump immigration plan secures border, emphasizes merit, limits chain migration and puts America first

By Robert Romano President Donald Trump on May 16 unveiled his immigration reform plan that would secure the border, place an emphasis on merit-based migration and limit family chain migration. These changes are long overdue and come after more than 50 years since immigration has been meaningfully addressed by Congress. On […]


John Stuart Mill warned of the coming ‘social tyranny’ that is taking root on social media

By Robert Romano In John Stuart Mill’s magnum opus, On Liberty , which provides one of the most compelling defenses of free speech in human history, the philosopher warned how a tyranny of the majority could impose censorship that would be “more formidable” than even governmental censorship and that […]


Will China dump its $1.1 trillion of treasuries in retaliation for the 25 percent tariffs on $250 billion of goods? Why President Trump should say, ‘Bring it on!’

By Robert Romano On May 10, the South China Morning Post published a report, “Will China use its US$1.2 trillion of US debt as firepower to fight the trade war?” speculating that China might have potential leverage against the U.S. after President Donald Trump levied 25 percent tariffs on a total of now $250 billion of Chinese goods. But that’s all it is: […]


Did Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, the Clinton campaign and the DNC just make up the Russia collusion hoax?

By Robert Romano “This is probably done in conjunction with Fusion GPS that was making this stuff up, they conveniently were able to get this into the FBI, willing takers at the FBI, and this was all to dirty up the Trump campaign. I mean, I have […]


Why China left Trump with little choice but to slap on the 25 percent tariffs on $200 billion of goods

By Robert Romano Just when it appeared that a new trade agreement with China was being finalized last week, Beijing abruptly attempted to change all the terms of the deal and walk back prior concessions that had been made to head off President Donald Trump’s threat to […]


Border apprehensions top 109,000 in April as House Democrats move to defund wall, refuse to provide enough beds for those apprehended

By Robert Romano Apprehensions on the southern border hit 109,144 in April, the highest in a decade, according to data compiled by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol . It’s already larger than last year. Seven months into fiscal year 2019, with 531,711 apprehensions it has already topped the amount of apprehensions in all of fiscal year 2018, […]


North Korea’s missile test happened just as trade talks with China broke down. It is no coincidence.

By Robert Romano It is no coincidence that just as U.S. trade talks with China were breaking down last week, North Korea on May 4 conducted its first missile test since Nov. 2017. As a result, separating the trade issue from the national security concerns of North […]


49-year low in unemployment resets recession clock, gives Trump room to negotiate on tariffs with China

By Robert Romano For those who are hoping, for political purposes, that the U.S. economy will start tanking before the Nov. 2020 presidential election to make it more likely that President Donald Trump will be ousted in his reelection bid, you might want stop reading right now. […]


Free of the Mueller probe, President Trump can finally engage in vital nuclear arms talks with Russia, China and others

By Robert Romano It is no coincidence that not until after Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned in his final report to Attorney General William Barr finding no conspiracy or coordination by the Trump campaign with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election that President Donald Trump is […]


Why FCC Chairman Ajit Pai should look at how deplatforming and social media bias toward the left could lead to one-party rule

By Robert Romano Thanks to social media and big tech companies, finding content on the Internet that you want has never been easier. Want to find your friends and family online? Log onto Facebook. Want to see what opinion leaders or celebrities are up to? Check out […]


Attorney General Barr: ‘The President can direct the termination or replacement of a special counsel.’

By Robert Romano Without a conspiracy with Russia to interfere in the election, there was no obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump when he considered removing Robert Mueller as special counsel. That is one of the key takeaways from Attorney General William Barr’s testimony before the Senate […]


Former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes claims Obama knew nothing about the FBI investigation and spying on Trump in 2016

By Robert Romano “We learned about it when it was in the report that was appended to the report to Congress at the end of the administration.” That was former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes speaking to PJ Media’s Nicholas Ballasy on April 25 at Georgetown University promoting his new memoir of his time in […]


Democrats, Republicans and Canada team up to deny Trump trade victory on U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement

By Robert Romano Congressional Democrats are threatening to derail the new U.S-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade deal that is supposed to replace the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), saying that enforcement of Mexican labor provisions in the deal are inadequate. Under the new deal, Mexico would recognize […]


Government shutdowns don’t cause recessions. The Trump economy grew at 3.2 percent in the first quarter.

By Robert Romano The U.S. economy grew at an inflation-adjusted 3.2 percent annualized in the first quarter of 2019, putting it on track to get to 3 percent for the year for the first time since 2005, according to data compiled by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The startling data […]

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