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4th Circuit Hears Page v. Lexington Free Speech Case

  • On: 07/16/2008 15:15:12
  • In: Page v. Lexington
  • On March 20th, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in the precedent-setting free speech case, Page v. Lexington County School District One. ALG News correspondent Tracy Jones filed this report from the scene:

    During oral arguments, the majority of questions posed by the judges pertained to the First Amendment, indicating the court was strongly considering Page’s claim that by promoting its views against a South Carolina school choice initiative, the District had created a public forum from which the appellant, Randy Page, was unlawfully barred.

    Once rendered, the court’s decision will have immediate impact in 5 States – Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Maryland – and will set precedent for the other Circuit Courts throughout the nation.

    ALG Prediction:
    This case, win or lose for Page, may ultimately wind up in the Supreme Court to be decided. A victory for Page would be a victory for free speech, and would send a clear message to school districts throughout the country, and other Big Government organs, that when a public forum is opened, they must make room for the dissenting views of citizens.

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