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07.01.2008 0

Arizona Senate Moves to Block Higher Emission Standards

  • On: 07/20/2008 14:43:28
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment
  • Like all cults, the Cult of Global Warming is dependent upon a few charismatic leaders, and a legion of easily-swayed followers. The formula can work so long as dissenting views are squelched in short order, and the perception of infallibility of the leaders is maintained.

    Fortunately, this death cult has hit a snag in Arizona: not all lawmakers in that State are willing to bow at the Altar of Limited Carbon Emissions:

    “State senators took the first steps Wednesday to block Gov. Janet Napolitano from mandating reduced greenhouse-gas emissions in Arizona and imposing new standards on vehicles that can be sold here… Legislation approved unanimously by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Rural Affairs would specifically ban any state agency from adopting or enforcing any rules dealing with the emission of ‘greenhouse gases.’”

    The legislation was a preemptive move by Republicans in the State legislature against proposed rules by Arizona’s Department of Environmental Quality:

    “The move comes as the state Department of Environmental Quality [DEQ], at Napolitano’s direction, drafted rules requiring that each automobile manufacturer reduce overall greenhouse-gas emissions from its total sales in the state by 37 percent by 2016. Those standards, which mirror those adopted by the California Air Resources Board, could increase the cost of vehicles by $1,000.”

    Of course, the DEQ stated its displeasure with the bill:

    “Wednesday’s vote on House Bill 2017 came over the objections of Patrick Cunningham, DEQ deputy director. He said any move to block those business regulations is premature because nothing is finalized… However, Cunningham acknowledged that his agency has finished writing its rule on vehicle emissions and held the single legally required public hearing. The only thing left is review next month by the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council, which consists of people picked by Napolitano.”

    “Premature”? Does Mr. Cunningham think it was premature of the United States to adopt the Federal Constitution which enumerated specific limits upon the powers of government? What about the Bill of Rights, which further limited the exercise of power? Should have the citizens have waited until Congress was “finalizing” plans to limit free speech before whipping out the First Amendment?

    House Bill 2017 is a limit upon the powers of the executive branch of Arizona to over-regulate the auto manufacturing industry. Says the President of Arizona’s Chamber of Commerce:

    “Glenn Hamer, president of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said having Arizona act on its own — or with some other states and provinces — could result in businesses deciding not to locate or expand here. He said that would make the state’s current economic crisis worse.”

    Like all other cults, the Global Warming Cult is attempting to lure State after State into drinking the “elixir” of limited carbon emissions, as if it would accomplish anything other than economic suicide.

    ALG Perspective:
    Republicans in Arizona deserve a lot of credit for standing up to this dangerous cult, whose only objective is to undermine and wreck the U.S. economy with onerous regulations utilizing the rhetoric of apocalypse. Arizona’s governor should check into a cult recovery center for reprogramming. The International Cultic Studies Association also offers plenty of anti-cult educational materials, in case any of your colleagues have come under the influence of this cult.

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