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Paypal Tort Reform

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  • “A lawyer with a crisis of conscience? You got to be kidding … The law, my boy, puts us into everything. It’s the ultimate backstage pass, baby … We’re coming out, guns blazing … until the stench of it reaches high and far into heaven!”
    – Al Pacino as Satan in The Devil’s Advocate

    The scriptwriters who penned The Devil’s Advocate — probably never met Mississippi Attorney General James Hood and his “crime-busting” cronies. But, they should. Because it just might renew the disconcerting wordsmiths’ faith in their own powers of divination.

    Here’s how the Wall Street Journal sums up Mr. Hood’s antics-at-law in their Feb.25 column “Lawsuit Inc.”:

    “Should state Attorneys General be able to outsource their legal work to for-profit tort lawyers, who then funnel a share of their winnings back to the AGs? That’s become a sleazy practice in many states, and it is finally coming under scrutiny — notably in Mississippi, home of Dickie Scruggs, Attorney General Jim Hood, and other legal pillars.”

    Mr. Hood, et. al., seem to have hit the mother load when it comes to turning corporate lawsuits into personal cash cows. Here’s how it works: Mr. Hood out-sources the state’s legal work to pay-pal tort lawyers. Those lawyers make millions. They then re-source a handsome share of their profits back into Mr. Hood’s campaign coffers. Cozy, eh? And corrupt?

    Well, the Mississippi Senate seems to think so. Again, according to the Journal:

    “The Mississippi Senate recently passed a bill requiring Mr. Hood to pursue competitive bidding before signing contracts of more than $500,000 with private lawyers. The legislation also requires a review board to examine contracts, and limits contingency fees to $1 million. Mr. Hood is trying to block the law in the state House, and no wonder considering how sweet this business has been for him and his legal pals.”

    So, what’s the solution?

    ALG CTA: In the words of the Journal, “The tort-bar AG cabal needs to be exposed nationwide.” And that’s where [talk radio’s Mavens of the Mike][the Bashaws of the Blogosphere] come in. The governor of Mississippi is Haley Barbour. He needs to come out strong on behalf of the bill Mr. Hood is blocking. Mr. Barbour can be reached at: (Tel) 601-359-3150, (Fax) 601-359-3741, (Email) governor@governor.state.ms.us.

    At ALG, we believe “the government of the people, by the people, and for the people” needs to be returned to the people. Otherwise corrupt Devil’s Advocates and their contemptible cronies, “coming out guns blazing,” can infect a nation’s entire body politic. Because, after all, as the Good Book warns us: They are legion.

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